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Xbox 720 Will Most Likely Have the Same Controller

Xbox 720 Will Most Likely Have the Same Controller
The Xbox 360 controller is the iconic video game controller of this generation. It has just the right amount of buttons and complexity to support all the actions needed for today’s games. With a highly liked and functional controller it wouldn’t be surprising if the Xbox 720 has the same controller as the Xbox 360, just look at what the Wii U did.
Now you may think that this is a bit of a stretch but the Wii U did exactly this. The Wii U does have a new tablet controller but most co-op games still require the use of old Wii controllers.
Wii U and Wii Controllers
The main reason the Wii U did this was for functionality. Nintendo already had something that worked (the Wii controller) so they decided to keep it. Also most people that buy a Wii U most likely have a Wii, so that means they already have controllers for the new system which would mean lower cost to start playing multiplayer games.
The New Controller
Now Microsoft could have a new tablet controller but we don’t know for sure right now. Although they are planning on having a new Kinect, which admittedly seems kind of creepy with its “always watching” plan of use. It definitely gives off a 1984 vibe that I’m sure most gamers don’t want from their video game console.

Xbox 720 "Always Watching"

Xbox 720 “Always Watching”

The Xbox 360 controller was a huge advancement over the original Xbox controller. It was not as bulky and fit much better in your hands. It has a great button layout for gaming and just enough buttons to be complex enough for most games but not enough to be too complicated. It is a great device for gaming.
Even the new Ouya console controller has a very similar layout to the Xbox 360 controller. In fact the layout of the Ouya controller is practically identical to the Xbox 360 controller. For a console that’s trying to be different it’s interesting that they used the same controller design as the Xbox 360′s controller.
Ouya Controller
In conclusion the Xbox 360 controller is a great gaming pad and many gamers really enjoy using it. It’s not too bulky, it’s just the right size, and you can actually game with it for hours. It will be interesting to see what happens at the Xbox 720 reveal on May 1st.



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  • Russell Gorall

    This has been stated by inside info for a few weeks.

  • Ana Helušić

    Yeah lamebox controller is great with lame D pad LOL hahaha

  • mechaman

    i dont like the controller

    • Real

      It’s always better than the PauperStation one.