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Xbox 720 Specs to Set Standard for Next-Gen Games

Xbox 720 Specs to Set Standard for Next-Gen Games
Since Microsoft’s release of the original Xbox they have been a major player in the gaming industry. Microsoft’s presence in the gaming industry along with the Xbox 360 set the standard for games. Now that the next-gen consoles are on the horizon, will that stay the same?
The short answer, probably. The reasons may not be what you think.
Looking back at this past generation of consoles there have been three major players. The Nintendo Wii, the Sony Playstation 3, and the Xbox 360. Out of these three it’s clear that the PS3 and the Xbox 360′s hardware capabilities surpassed those of the Nintendo Wii. This being said these two systems were the focus of AAA games for the current generation.
The PS3 and the Xbox 360 have fairly similar capabilities and features. They both brought to the table advanced 3D graphics which brought to life many long-running series, such as the Elder Scrolls games. They also brought dedicated online multiplayer that many games featured such as the Halo series of games. Even though there were similarities among the systems there were also many differences.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Getting into the hardware specifics of the systems, the PS3 did have better graphics capabilities than the Xbox 360. Along with this better hardware (or perhaps because of the blu-ray player) came a higher price tag for the PS3. This resulted in sticker-shock for many consumers, which resulted in low sales upon the initial release of the system.
Even though the PS3 eventually caught up and surpassed the amount of total sales than the Xbox 360, this was only recently. For most of this generation of consoles the Xbox 360 dominated the market.
Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 were fairly similar in graphic capabilities in order to develop and release games for both systems and to cover a larger market, developers had to go for the slightly lower-spec console. With a successful console from a big name like Microsoft and one of the biggest gaming audiences developers were drawn to the system. Ultimately this means that the Xbox 360′s specs determined the standard for the current generation of games.

What this means for the Xbox 720
Xbox Box
We’re all gearing up for a potential announcement of the 720 in the coming months. There have been some rumors and speculation on what the specs of the Xbox 720 are going to be, but for now we don’t know for sure.
If the Xbox 720 sticks to what the Xbox 360 did well then it will set the standard for next-gen games. Also to be clear I’m not talking about PC games, I’m talking about console games.
Microsoft needs to be careful and not add on expensive features like what the PS3 did with the blu-ray player. They need to focus on having good hardware and providing great software tools for developers to work with. For Microsoft to have a fairly decent and not overly priced system is the key to it’s success.
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  • Sony

    We’re so grateful that next gen gaming will no longer be Sony-centric. People with smart brains would not limit themselves to one brand only. So, consumers need to be **smarter than Sony** and fail them at all cost in order to see a better future. Sony is all about “hype first and (under)deliver much later”. Talks speak louder according to it.

    This message comes from the Sony HQ itself. Pls don’t get fooled by Sony fakers. We’re the real deal here. Apple or Google is the future, not the old sony.

  • Camilo Olarte


  • Far

    I stopped reading when you said the PS3 eventually passed the 360 in overall sales. That’s not true and still hasn’t been proven. You N4G clowns can think about this all you want, but it ain’t true

    • Sony Corp.

      Don’t worry, sony will game over pretty soon.

      • Weisse

        ……said no logical gamer ever.

    • Ray

      PlayStation will end the generation in Last Place in both console and handheld (which is already dead). Sony and PlayStation are pauperbrands and just too stupid to have. What a bunch of schmucks Sony are. Nothing but losses for 5 years and everything being trounced by the competition since 2000. GTFO of business Sony!

      • Sony Corp.

        Amen to that. To Sony, words speak louder than action. Hype now and play it (much) later.

        • Jason Mounce

          What saaad, sad little people you are…

          You must both feel so Big and manly with those comments, rofl.

        • Yldefonso Then

          Isn’t that the other way around? actions speak louder than words? Wasn’t the year 2000 where the PS2 launched & alone destroyed the entire competition? & you “Amen” to a trolling lie? Lol. It definitely shows actions definitely speak louder than your own words Little Leprechaun.

      • Weisse

        Funny comment you have there! That fact the playstation 3 was year behind the 360 and the ps3 still has surpassed it in its numbers. Also the fact the so called superior 360 suffered from the RROD so often mugs had to buy a 2nd or even 3rd console over the generation. Sucks doesn’t it!

        Like or not, Sony and the playstation will remain relevant for a long time and getting better. So many people signing up to psn plus, and being able to play games online for free, you know like pc gaming has been doing for years. Buying a gold subscription for the privilege just to play online shows the arrogance of MS and stupidity of live users.

        • Randall Johnson

          The Xbox 360 may have had a year’s head start, but it took the PlayStation 3 six years to overtake it in total sales. That’s six years, mind you. Everyone keeps missing that fact when they say the PS3 sold more than the 360.

          • bigevilworldwide

            Nobody misses that fact….Or the fact that the U.S was the only place the 360 held that 2nd spot for those 6 years, before moving to dead last that is

          • Randall Johnson

            Does it really matter where it held the second spot? The PlayStation 3 held the dead last spot for six years. The 360 has been last for all of five months. Sony fans are getting ridiculous as the next generation comes to fruition.

      • Yldefonso Then

        Since 2000? wasn’t that the year the PS2 launched & crushed both Xbox & Gamecube, & witnessed the demise of my beloved Sega Dreamcast? Try harder child.

    • Pudgieluv
    • Weisse

      Must hurt to hear the ps3 is ahead. Don’t believe it if you want, but a deluded fool will always be deluded.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Umm that was proven last November when the PS3 passed total sales of the 360..Try being a big boy and google search it. Cause it is a FACT

  • brianc6234

    Not likely. The PS4 will be king and everything will be based on it. Microsoft only cares about Kinect now anyway.

    • Sony Corp.

      Again you’re Wrong. Sony is on scared mode right now.
      Ps4 will be our biggest gambling, the future is not a console.

      • duckmysick

        Sony in scared mode? Cause of the Xbox? Lmao!
        One thing about america, they don’t show brand loyalty often.. Xbox been done a long time ago..
        Have fun playing minecraft fuckin dweeb

      • Weisse

        Show me some facts that they scared. Rather than make some angry butthurt fanboy comment. Last i checked developers have reacted extremely positive towards the ps4 and sony is making it easier for them and especially for indie developers. Last i checked MS was pushing shitty kinect games.

      • Yldefonso Then

        Yeah, unhuh, as if you work for Sony just by simply having that username, how “awesome you are” Xboy.

      • JordanSlo

        nobody is in scared mode right now. There are so many things wrong with the PS4 versus 720 argument right now its almost embarrassing to be a gamer now-a-days. First off, THE ONLY thing that should occupy the minds of sony and microsoft is money. The ability to make a profit is what the primary focus is on both of them… sure they will look at what the other is developing and take hints and learn things from what the other does, but it is nowhere near the forefront of their mind right now.

        Add this to a console war with a console that hasn’t even been announced yet and you are looking at an argument based completely off speculation and rumor.

        Finally The idea that having greater sales makes your “Console” the superior one is another sad mentality that I find shallow and closed minded. What determines a winning console is how much you enjoy using the product. If you are happy with the product then be happy. Don’t get into some type of console war just to prove that you made the best purchase with your money because again that is proved by how much YOU ENJOY THE CONSOLE. And if you don’t like the console then ENJOY THE PC its personal preference all around…

  • duckmysick

    The only place in the WORLD where people give 2 shits about an Xbox is USA and the UK.. Thats it… Xbox is holding on to the year head start.. That’s it.. Id like to see them do it this time without a year head start and everyone in America not having bought 6-7 360′s cause they were trash. I don’t see them doing a got damn thing this gen. They beat ps3 each month in the USA by no more than 50k each month… Not even that, to tell you the truth. Everywhere else they get BH loan out..
    I wish I would buy another Xbox.. Never again

    • memeyou

      yup only reason i have 2 xboxs is due to i don’t want to throw away the 500 i had in games that ebgames would buy for 2 dollars so i bought a second one. first one broke like 5 times as well

      • Sony Corp.

        Fairy tales indeed. What we say is an automatic win, obey our orders!

        • Yldefonso Then

          & you follow Sony orders by having your username “Sony Corp” you FOOL, LMAO.

    • jomanjo

      RRODing stuffs are not meant to be in my living room.

    • miDnIghtEr20C

      LOL… USA and the UK equal ALL OF THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!

      • duckmysick

        The USA is the biggest market o hut there, nut you and people act like Ps3 don’t sell. M$ had a head start with faulty systems. Didn’t you see their recent poll? It said people spend more time watching TV n bullshit than playing games. Thats cause Ps3 got the games… last of us kingdom hearts. Gt6 im Ps3 this year. What’s on Xbox? …damn I.forgot Call of duty.
        nut thats on PlayStation as well..

    • DestryLP

      I guess the 7 years Sony had in the market over Xbox just don’t apply right?

    • lolatsonyfangirls

      Listen to what you said Although every else in the world didnt give a damn about it except 2 countries like yourself fanboy. even with practically no games for the last few years, even with it selling less than dirt in japan. your beloved system took forever to pass it by. I doubt you ever had a xbox. only pissy3 fanatics get this hysterical

  • Droidster

    Nice pic of a PS3 exclusive in the main header .

  • generic-user-name

    Don’t forget the years head start also how many 360 sales were to replace RRoDs? The last couple of years MS has become very complacent, and Sony have been pushing hard. They are slowly winning gamers over with things like free online and a subscription scheme that is very much worth the money.

    The PS4, even though it isn’t even out yet, has already sent out the message that Sony are all about the gamers while rumours have been flying around about the 720 which have been damaging it’s image.

    Also it’s Blu-Ray not Blue-Ray, you should know this, makes me question the integrity of this article.

  • Ana Helušić


    • Sony Corp.

      aaaand…PS3 buttraped your asshole

      • Ana Helušić

        what your mom???

  • TheLastofUs

    M$ dont give a SH** about core gamers
    PS4 FTW

    • lolatsonyfangirls

      your not a gamer your a buttraped flamer

  • yoyo

    Ancestral traits are carried over through generations. UK and USA performing the same.

  • llllo

    OMG what is this? Sony advertise web? lol poor sony fanboys..

  • heavenshitman1

    Slight typo in this article as well
    “For most of this generation of consoles. ‘Wii’ dominated the market”

  • dakan45

    Did i miss the part that the specs were revelead?

    Also both consoles are a joke these days. They run games at low pc settings.

  • The Arkatek

    Honestly who cares. My PC is and still will be light years ahead of the next gen consoles.

    CoolerMaster HAFX Chasis
    Asus Maximus Extreme Mobo
    2 Nvidia GTX 680 Classified 4G x2
    32GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
    Sound Blaster ZX Audio Card

    • dakan45

      That ram is useless though, games are x32 and utilize only 3.25gb, considering the os can use over 2gb. Id say you dont need more than 6gb of ram. When games get x64 exes, the pc will have so much ram available that the 8gb of precious GDDR5 that the cows are going so crazy about, will pretty much be irrelevant.

  • Yldefonso Then

    Nice try by putting the Xbox logo next to a PS3-Only game.

  • Nadeem Khan

    A pure opinion piece :P

  • duffman

    funny how well the 360 is going in the 2 areas and even without japan they stayed in the lead if ps3 was such i success then they should have passed the 360 ages ago

  • Dave

    “Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 were fairly similar in graphic capabilities in order to develop and release games for both systems and to cover a larger market, developers had to go for the slightly lower-spec console.” That’s nonsense. The reason developers chose the 360 as lead in terms of multi-platform games was that it was easier to develop for and henceforth, easier to ‘squeeze every last drop’ from.

  • themuIe

    The Next Xbox will be the Standard Cable Box. LMAO. For the rest of us, gamers, PS4 will be THE gaming machine.

  • Jeronimo66

    Xbox 360 have the best library of games this generation.

    PS3 games have good graphics but story and gameplay are average.

    Gears of war and Halo Destroys anything on the PS3.

    Playstation Domination is over thanks to Microsoft and Xbox.

    PS3 will never surpass Xbox 360 in sales unless Microsoft pulls Xbox 360 out of retail before Sony does with PS3, PS2 is still in retail for crying out loud.

    Sony looks desperate for sales but it is good business then again I wonder if even the new PS2′s are still breaking hence people continue to buy them, remember the first Xbox had a normal failure rate.

    Microsoft has learned from their mistakes. Xbox 720 should have

    a normal failure rate.

    Now on to the name (Xbox), I admit Playstation is a better name, but a name is only part of a gaming machine.

    All Microsoft have to do is change the name of the Xbox to something else and that’s it, other than the name, Xbox trumps the Playstation in every way.

    Looking forward to the reveal of the only gaming device that matters. Xbox.

    Oh by the way I love VGchartz but the are still bias towards Xbox.

  • fr0sty

    PS3 outsold Xbox 360 every year except 2008, which was how it was able to beat 360′s year long head start despite it costing as much as $200 more. Quit with your lies, the 360 never “dominated” the market.

  • Jeronimo66

    Sony may pass xbox 360 worldwide, but not in the UK and USA.

    The only
    way PS3 surpasses Xbox in the UK and USA is if Microsoft pulls Xbox 360 out of
    retail before Sony pulls the PS3 out of retail. Which may be for a long time
    yet, as the PS2 is still in retail.

    The company that should be
    celebrating is Microsoft. The first Xbox sold 24 million lifetime.

    PS3 selling this much was always a possibility once Sony dropped the

    The thing is PS3 has not been profitable for Sony. While the Xbox
    360 has been profitable for Microsoft.

    The one billion dollar question is
    where would the PS3 be today if Sony choose to make a profit and kept the

    PS3 price at $400.

    Another question would be what if Microsoft chose
    to go for sales instead of profits, where would Xbox 360 sales

    Microsoft chose profitability over sales. Which is crucial if you
    want to stay in business.

    Just some points for all you Playstation
    fanboys to think about.

  • CrapBox

    Setting the standard? What standard? I couldnt care less about the xbox which is just capitalism in my eyes with louzy games. Now Playstation is a whole different story……

  • kizi

    Cool game. i like play this game.But the first, i have to buy a Xbox 72.