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Where are all the 1st Party Titles Nintendo?

Where are all the 1st Party Titles Nintendo?
With the Wii U out for several months it’s disappointing that there aren’t very many 1st party titles. Since the Wii U’s release Nintendo has had to cut the price just to keep the system alive. If they don’t start releasing these titles soon the system could be forgotten before it even gets going.
Nintendo is starting to slip with its lack of 1st party titles to support the Wii U. Really the only traditional 1st party title that has been released is New Super Mario Bros. U. So where are all of the 1st party titles from Nintendo?

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U

There has been some slight reasoning as to why Nintendo has not released much 1st part titles, although it sounds more like an excuse than anything. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has said during a Q&A session with investors that Nintendo is holding back their number of first part games on purpose. They want to spread out the releases of their 1st party games to try to keep up interest in the system.
This shows that Nintendo isn’t sure about the support of 3rd party developers for the Wii U. I guess that’s a safe-proof plan, but it’s been several months without any major 1st party titles.
Nintendo’s system needs some 1st party support and it needs it now. The average Nintendo gamer enjoys the big titles like The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and their usually premier Mario title. Without their main exclusive games to attract gamers there isn’t much reason to buy the system right now.
Wii And Wii U
I think Nintendo is riding off of the success from the Wii because of the overwhelming support it got from gamers and non-gamers alike with the “revolutionary” motion controller. I think people are over the gimmick and all that matters now is good solid games, which Nintendo is lacking of right now. Nintendo needs to get its head in the game.



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  • Aiddon

    this is something that most people don’t seem to get: making games takes TIME. Nintendo takes their time with their own stuff because rushing it would be stupid. They’ll be out when they’re out.

  • King Daniel

    1. Nintendo didn’t cut the price. Retailers did
    2. There coming.
    3. Nintendo is secretive
    4. Wii U is doing fine. Better than PS3 and 360 during their first 5 month lifetime.
    5. E3 2013 is going to be the best Nintendo E3.
    6. Nintendo is giving Third Party a chance to shine before they drop the bomb in because once their big games drop their is no stopping the sales of them til it reach it peak.

  • plsburydoughboy

    With due respect, I think you misread Nintendo’s statements. They’ve made it clear that they are taking their time developing their 1st party titles until they’re good enough to be released. This is why they pushed back the date for Pikmin 3; we’ve read reports that they were still making tweaks to it as tecently as this month.

    I can understand the discontent with Nintendo these past two months, but don’t let that be the reason for misinterpreting what Nintendo’s done or said. Here’s the important thing: they saw the drought of titles coming (save the Rayman delay) and made the judgement call to let it be. Scary, right? But you have to wonder why they decided that was the best action to take.


    No, they don’t need them now. They need them when they’re ready. And they will be.