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Top 5 Video Games Based on Movies


  1. The Lost World: Jurassic Park Aracade Game: A game based on the horror movie Jurassic Park. Unlike the movie if you see a dinosaur, kill it. If there’s a swarm of raptors, no worries you can take them out.



    Although this game is fun it could be a little more realistic and not just have you standoff a whole group of raptors by yourself.


  2. X-Men Origin Wolverine: Although resembling little to the actual story of the movie, it is a great game. It has you flying through the air and stabbing into a guy’s chest with your claws, pushing down a wall and letting it fall on your enemies, and putting a guy’s head through a rotating helicopters blade.



    It has some of the coolest moves in video games. Most video games based on movies should be like this. Having a resemblance to the movie, but making sure the game is actually fun and enjoyable.


  3. Tron: The arcade game of the movie Tron was actually pretty good. It included several different game modes. Including the most famous the Light Bike stage.



    Light Bike was like a multiplayer version of the game snake except everywhere you go you leave a line behind you. This line is a barrier and if other players run into it they lose.


  4. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade: This arcade game based on the popular franchise Star Wars had it all. It takes you through some of the most intense scenes of episodes IV, V, and VI.



    In the game it has you zipping around on Imperial speeder bikes, shooting down AT-AT’s from your snowspeeder, and even a fight with Darth Vader himself, and this is all in First Person! It truly had everything a Star Wars fan could hope for.


  5. GoldenEye 007: The best video game based on a movie. Although it wasn’t the first fps, it was the first game to put story and gameplay into a neat product.



    It allowed you to play with your friends and kill each other in varying ways. It truly revolutionized how fps’s were made for consoles.



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