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Top 5 Greatest Video Game Controllers


  1. Xbox 360 controller: Any console gamer today can easily recognize the solid white and silver plastic gaming pad that is none-other than the Xbox 360 controller. With its dual-joystick, four color button, multi-directional D-pad, two trigger two bumper button, sleek design display, it is the perfect gaming controller.



    Not only does it have controls set up for practically every type of game, it’s so natural that it’s practically an extension of your hands. Even though it doesn’t have any motion controls (which can be a good thing), its precise control and natural feel make it the number 1 spot on our list.


  3. NES controller: Keeping things simple and controls good. It is video games at its finest, the NES controller.



    There may only be 1 D-pad and 2 Buttons, but after playing a few titles (like Super Mario Bros. 3) you will realize that that’s all you need. It was the perfect control setup for 2d games, and practically every video game controller today uses the setup in some way. It is more or less the godfather of video game controllers.


  5. Nintendo 64 controller: The controller for Nintendo’s first major 3d gaming console needed to be good. Not just in controls, but in look and feel. The Nintendo 64 controller delivered.



    Its use of a joystick was a perfect pick for 3d games, as players no longer only had to move up, down, left, and right, but in all directions. The joystick was also great for 2.5d games like Super Smash Bros.

    The Nintendo 64 controller could have made or broken the Nintendo 64 console, and it made it what it is today, great.


  7. Playstation3 sixaxis controller: A similar button display to our number 1 video game controller, is the Playstation3’s sixaxis controller. It has a cool solid black design, and great controls. It even has motion control (hence the “sixaxis”). Although the motion control is really not that great and is used in few situations.



    Another problem is that it can feel a little small at times, and it can be difficult to use after a long period of play. Overall it is a good controller, but a few things could be improved for next time.


  9. Wii mote controller: Nintendo’s next generation controller, the Wii mote, falls a little short compared to its competitors. The design of its use is certainly unique, although the implementation of that design is a different story.

    The Wii mote’s main control is motion, and although this can be fun for more casual types of games it just doesn’t work for hardcore games that need precise control.



    The Wii mote was supposed to make all other “non-motion” controllers obsolete. Although this hasn’t happened yet, there have been several “copies” of the controller by both Microsoft and Sony, which means it definitely has had an effect on players.



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