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Top 5 Easiest Programming Languages


Programming is the process of creating a program that will run on a computer and perform a certain task. It’s a useful skill to learn because almost every business uses a program in some way. It can also be used for personal use, usually in game development.

If you want to make video games then it’s essential to learn at least the basics of programming even if you’re not a programmer. If you’re just starting out or you want to try something new then check out our Top 5 Easiest Programming Languages to get started!


  1. BASIC: Otherwise known as the Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It was made in 1964 so “normal” people would be able to use a computer.



    It is the basis of several programming languages today. There are several easy to learn functions, and the syntax is also very simple. There’s no needed “;” at the end of each line which just makes it a bit easier and nicer to use.

    It’s a great starting programming language and is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and use. It’s a great predecessor to more complicated programming languages and it’s free. I would recommend trying it out.


  2. KPL: Kid’s Programming Language is exactly what it’s called. It was built so kids could learn how to program. It’s also a good programming language to learn programming with even if you’re not a kid though.



    Unlike BASIC or QBASIC KPL allows image use. This makes it a lot more fun to use as you can make graphical programs and games. It’s a fun and easy programming language, although it may be a little hard to grasp at first.


  3. Lua: Lua is a popular programming language. It’s fast, lightweight, and is embeddable. It has a very easy to use syntax and can be implemented into anything.



    Lua has been used in a lot of video games including World of Warcraft. It’s a popular, fast, easy to use and implement programming language. I would check it out.


  4. Visual Basic: This is a programming language used with Microsoft Visual Studio. Visual Studio is used to create professional programs easily and with a widely used framework. It also comes with a wide range of tools to create prototypes of applications very quickly.



    Visual Basic has a ton of built in functions that you can use. These functions do pretty much everything you will need to use. From detecting inputs to converting variable types it can do it all. It’s a great language with a great tool.


  5. Python: Another Object-Oriented Programming Language. It runs on most every computer. It also includes a development environment.



    Python is mostly used in Web, Networking, Software, and Game Development. It has a wide range of functionality and is easy to use, learn, and create end products for.


Once you know a programming language, it’s very easy to learn other ones. Generally the only thing that changes is the syntax. The thing that doesn’t change is how you break a problem down to solve it.



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  • Needle Games

    What about Small Basic? I think it should be on the 1-st place.

    • Nigel_GN

      That’s a fair choice, but Small Basic is really just a different form of BASIC. Being able to use graphics could be appealing to some people while distracting to others. Sticking with just pure BASIC has you focus on just the programming, that’s why it’s my #1 ;)

  • notchent

    My preference is for REBOL:

  • Software Solutions

    What is Lua? Explain me about this language proper.
    I heared first time so want to know briefly..

  • jackboog21

    well a windows batch file is easy to use to make games i know ive made lots of games with it

  • MihailTNT

    Man, BATCH is the easiest programming language there is! I created my own programming language based on batch. It is called MSquare!