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The Real Definition of HD Graphics for Next-Gen Consoles

Cry Engine 3The Real Definition of HD Graphics for Next-Gen Consoles
We all want our games to have “HD Graphics” because it usually means they will look better. There are several different ways that HD can be described. So what exactly does “HD” mean for next-gen consoles?
Let’s start with the basics. There’s a lot of different definitions of what exactly High Definition means. Technically 720p resolution and up counts as High Definition. Although 1080p, the better resolution, is also described as High Definition and Full High Definition.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will have capabilities for 1080p. Sony is actively pushing PS4 developers to have their games render at 60FPS/1080p. I doubt all games will be running at this resolution. To have a game running at 60FPS at 1080p will obviously depend on the graphical and technical needs for each game.
Since the PS4 and Xbox One will support 1080p then I think it’s safe to say that 1080p is the definition of HD for next-gen consoles.
Cry Engine 3 Demo Screenshot

Cry Engine 3 Demo Screenshot

The jump from 720p to 1080p is not a huge visual improvement. Well at least it’s not a huge improvement compared to the leap from Standard Definition to High Definition. Besides the actual resolution of the video output from the consoles, a just as important factor is the hardware capabilities of the next-gen consoles.
Due to the new hardware capabilities in consoles developers and 3D artists can push the visual aspects of games to new limits. This can be from more detailed 3D models to more realistic physics simulations. The bottom line is games will continue to improve graphically as better hardware becomes available.
Overall better resolution and better hardware capabilities will provide developers with the foundation needed to make the next-generation of games look better than ever before.



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  • Dakan45

    blah blah blah 1080p, blah blah 60 fps.

    COME ON, by that logic current games have been next gen for years on pcs.

    Resolution and fps are irrelevant to the actual graphis suck as high definition textures, reallistic lighting with real sunlight shafts and advanced ambient occlusion advanced depth of field, destruction, bigger levels that were limited now due to low memory. Reallistic physics even on trees, breakable trees. Reallistic animations and facial animations. Insant level loading no loadings. Water wave physics. Those things are next gen, not resolution and fps.

  • Michelle Taylor

    looks better than pc

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I really hope Sony, Microsoft AND Nintendo push HD beyond visuals and actually have detailed improvement in physics, gameplay, and other aspects such as RAM and GPU optimization to their advantage to expand gaming possibilities. I also hope 4K is a huge jump from HD like SD to HD so that more games are possible and the industry can expand its horizon to new ideas and areas unexplored as of yet..Im sure that all that makes sense. Though I doubt there will be a big emphasis on 4K at least at the beginning and more work will have to be done for it to take the place of HD.