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The Little Things that Make Skyrim a Great Game

Bethesda’s 5th installment of the Elder Scrolls series is going to be the RPG to remember. Its massive open-world and immersive RPG system are without a doubt one of the most impressive to date. If we take a step back you’ll find these aren’t the only reasons why it’s a great game. Alongside these awesome characteristics are a set of miniscule yet amazing features that take the game to the next level.
The first feature is the epic freeze spell. When casted actual ice encases the victim in mid-action and they fall to the ground. It’s certainly a step up from previous games and leads to the thought that the spells will be a lot more interactive and visually pleasing.
The next little feature is that the weapons don’t degrade. Although at first this may seem limiting it’s not. Why should a player be penalized for using a skill? Repairing items is a counteractive and tedious event that thankfully players will not have to take part of this time around.

Having one weapon is nice but having two is so much better. This little tweak on the game mechanics will certainly play part in a more tactical and in-depth gameplay. Again it’s a small feature but great nonetheless.
Classes defined how you would play the game. Skyrim gets rid of them and lets you play the game how you want. It’s a nice feature that fits well with the open-world aspect of the game.
Skyrim is going to set a new bar for open-world RPG’s. These small features certainly put the icing on the cake.
What are your thoughts on the game? Are you going to buy it when it comes out? Have any specific features that you like about the game?



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  • UK_John

    The problem I am having is we heard all this when Oblivion was about to be released. Despite talking about them now, no review of Oblivion that I saw mentioned the cookie-cutter graphics and the ridiculous levelling up in their 90%+ reviews!

    This is the problem witht the big hyped games like Skyrim and Oblivion, the problems only get talked about by the media way after the game has been released!

    I wonder what the media will say was wrong with Skyrim when Elder Scrolls VI comes out in 3-4 years?!

    • Louis

      That’s because ALL games have flaws that only become apparent the more you play it. Some games are just so good I’ll happily overlook any flaws, there is no such thing as a perfect game.

  • Strawberry cheesecake

    I loved the environment of Oblivion and Morrowind. I absolutely hated the meleee combat in either though. For this reason alone, I shelved both games and didn’t bother ever coming back to them.
    I really enjoy satisfying melee combat such as that used in the ‘Mount & Blade’ game, yet perhaps that’s just too complex or tedious to have directional blocking become a necessity to survive a strike from an axe, sword etc. Granted the spell effects look pretty nifty and much more satisfying, perhaps that’s where I should lean towards if the melee just doesn’t cut the cheese again.
    We’ll see, as usual I’ll wait for a few months until the game has received the usual suspect patches.
    They haven’t revealed what kind of pc rig you need to run the ‘Ultra’ settings, yet I’m sure I’ll be happy enough with ‘High’, since those are what the recommended system is pertaining to.