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The Future of Video Game Consoles

The Future of Video Game Consoles
2013 is shaping up to be an awesome year for video games and video game consoles. First we have the two big powerhouses, Sony and Microsoft, readying their consoles for the next generation of games. Also coming out is the very open and developer friendly Ouya system, as well as Valve’s Steam Box. With some of these systems planning on having specs that rival gaming PC’s the future of video game consoles is looking bright.
It seems that all 4 of our 2013 predicted video game consoles are going to be released this year. With that said I think it’s fair to say that the next-generation of consoles have been well overdue. We’re all ready to take the next step in video game history and not to mention that some of the current consoles are starting to feel out of date.
Sony and Microsoft
The two major powerhouses Sony and Microsoft are certainly going to have a large impact on the gaming industry. Right now only the PS4 is confirmed as seen by the large event held by Sony last month. The specs of the PS4 are certainly a huge step up from current consoles.
PS4 Specs
On the other hand the Xbox 720 is not entirely confirmed at this moment. There’s been several hints that there will be an announcement of the new system at E3 this year. With the success of the Xbox 360 if a new system is announced it will be sure to shake things up in the months following the event.

PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller

The PS4 and the Xbox 720 will undoubtedly be the two major game changers in the video game console race. With all the exclusive and great titles on each system and the huge following and support of gamers worldwide, it’s going to be amazing to see what these consoles have in store for us. All we have to worry about now is what price the systems are going to be.

The new Android based console with a cheap $100 price-point is shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28. This console has a different approach than the other consoles by having all the games free-to-try.
OUYA System
Since this console is sort of more open and dev friendly it certainly seems to try and excel where the other consoles do not. It will be interesting to see how well the Ouya system will do, how many exclusive games will be made for the system, and how well the free-to-play/free-to-try model will be accepted by gamers.

Steam Box
On the surface it doesn’t make much since as to why a practically exclusive PC developer and leader of PC game digital distribution, Valve, would decide to make a console.

Xi3 Piston Steam Box

Xi3 Piston Steam Box

As more information became aware we found that they weren’t making one single Steam Box unit, but instead there would be various different types of PC’s that would run as a Steam Box console. With Valve having a reputation of great games and a huge following the Steam Box is sure to have an impact on the gaming industry.

Even though consoles cannot be upgraded like PC’s and will inevitably become outdated, they are still very important to the gaming industry. One of the biggest features and draws of video game consoles are the exclusive games. This being said most major games are tailored to run on video game consoles.

Seventh-Gen Consoles

Seventh-Gen Consoles

Since most major games are built to run on consoles then video game consoles are really setting the standard for what systems all video games are being built for. Having new consoles not only affects the capabilities of the consoles themselves but it also affects the types of games that are released on PC as well.

It’s an exciting time right now in the video game world. There’s new systems on the edge of being released and along with that there are going to come new games that I’m sure will blow all of our minds. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the gamer.
What video game consoles are you excited for? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Erik R

    what about nintendo? the wii wasnt openly accepted by the gaming community when it was released and ended up selling close to 100million consoles worldwide. neither sony or microsoft have reached those sales figures.
    and nintendos handheld section always racks in sales for them.

    console gaming will go the way of the mammoth, if console makers push the same tech as pc’s. y would u rather have a crippled gaming pc that can never be upgraded and limits what u can and cant do on it? at least nintendo try’s to provide u with experiences that cant be had on a and microsoft dont seem to bring anything to the table that definitively makes stand out from a out dated gaming pc besides a few exclusives.

    • Nigel_GN

      Quite simply the Wii U has already been released, and as of right now has not had a huge impact on the gaming industry.

      The Wii had a certain charm and uniqueness because it tried something new (motion gaming) and it worked well. The Wii U seems to be pretty much the same console as the Wii, with some graphic updates and a tablet.

      That’s exactly my point with your second paragraph. Consoles cannot keep up with PC’s but they do have exclusive games and ease of use.

  • Lilorcred

    Yeaaaahhh looks like I’ll def be getting PS4. Cant think of any exclusives left on xbox im interested in