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Sega Dreamcast Has Sold More Consoles Than The Wii U

Sega Dreamcast Has Sold More Consoles Than The Wii U
It’s no surprise that Nintendo’s Wii U hasn’t taken off as well as Nintendo had hoped. Hoping that consumers would by a practically HD version of the Wii didn’t pay off. After several years on the market the Wii U still has not sold enough consoles as the financial failure of the Sega Dreamcast.


Sega Dreamcast Console

First let’s take a look at the Sega Dreamcast. It was a promising new console with some good titles. The main reasons it failed were due to its pricing and pirated games. It had to discount its system in order to compete with other consoles. This meant taking a loss on all console units sold. The encryption used for the system was also cracked so anyone could make copies of a game. This resulted in the Sega Dreamcast being a financial failure for Sega.
Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Now let’s take a look at the Wii U. It was essentially an upgraded HD version of the Wii. I think that Nintendo assumed that since the Wii sold very well then an HD version would do just as well. The main reason for the original Wii’s high console sales were due to casual gamers buying the console. This was because of the motion controls that the Wii had. The Wii U didn’t really add anything new. Sure they added a tablet but that wasn’t enough of a reason to buy a new console. This led to the Wii U not selling well.
Let’s get to the numbers. The Sega Dreamcast from 1998 has sold a total of 10.6 million copies. The new Wii U released in 2012 has sold a total of 10.1 million copies. It’s not a good sign if a financially unsuccessful console released almost two decades ago has outsold a recent game console. Let’s hope the next Nintendo console is something worth buying.


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  • RoomB31

    you’re stating a technical fact, but the Wii U is still on store shelves selling units, the Wii U will surpass the Dreamcast in terms of total sales. Nintendo has already stated they plan on selling a little more than 3 million Wii U’s this fiscal year, and since the all important Holiday season is still to come, well I’d say its safe to say that the Wii U will have no trouble outselling the Dreamcast. This isn’t anything to brag about, but is no less true.

    • sage

      yeah but the Wii U has been around for longer than the Dreamcast was for sale. Even if the Wii U starts selling well this is still abysmal.
      it’s clear from your avatar you’re a fanboi in denial.

      • RoomB31

        I was never arguing that the wii u has sold poorly, and will, by the end of its life cycle have still sold poorly. My point and my only point is that it will outsell the dreamcast. It’s clear from my avatar that I create gaming and geek art and sell it to fans who love said things, what does yours say?

  • Panty Sniffer

    Rest in Piece Nintendo

    • Ryo Shenmue

      They’ve won the previous generation destroying anyone and they still have the best exclusives. Videogames without Nintendo can’t exist.

      • Panty Sniffer


  • Valkyrine

    Because the Dreamcast was a great console in it’s time. Wii U is just not good in comparison to what’s already out there (PS4 and Xbox One)

  • Alex St-Amour

    What’s your source? VGC has Wii U at 10.26m and DC at 8.82m

    • heavenshitman1

      Yeah, I also gotta admit, i swear i saw an article some while ago that noted WiiU having outsold Dreamcast already. Could probably google it

  • Jacob

    Ouch. This is one harsh article. Hopefully, Nintendo isn’t going to “go third-party” like Sega did in 2001.

  • Sulaiman AL-BaKr

    Yes I know before and still wondered what Nintendo will do in the future on other hand vita isn’t selling good too.
    Dreamcast it was a head of it’s own time still a masterpiece with games
    like: sonic adventure 1&2 shenmue 1&2 skies of arcadia and other
    games :)

  • heavenshitman1

    Ppl keep droning on about price. The price point is a minimal factor. WiiU was easily the cheapest this gen. No online fees, lowest cost system (even with a decent pack in game). BC with everything Wii.

    It was probably also Nintendos mistake to try and roll off the Wiis success. Its not that ppl got sick of motion controls, its that despite WiiU still being capable of it , Nintendo stop building and promoting motion control games.

    The gamepad was fine, but Nintendo didnt have to completely toss all the Wii-remote ideas out the window. Even the balance board was a solid peripheral, why didnt Nintendo make a full fledged HD ‘Snowboarder’ or something??

    And marketing was the biggest one. Nintendo failed to market the device entirely.
    Remember the Wii on its first reveal, Mr President holing it up in one hand in front of the crowds and hailing a revolution at E3.

    Now Nintendo have been afraid to even let ppl see the actual console in commercials.

  • Eyes OnPies

    Nigel is PS4 a failure because original PlayStation sold more? At least you have a chart for your scientific method LMAO thanks for the laugh mate.

  • XanderZane41

    I think it will eventually past the SEGA Dreamcast though. Especially when Nintendo finally decides to discount everything. I would buy some of those extra gamepad controllers now, because those things will be very hard to find once Nintendo pulls the plug on the Wii U. I need to get me a Wii U soon though.

  • Ryo Shenmue

    Dreamcast…SOME good games? Yeah, i mean, the best videogame ever made plus some of the other best videogames ever made. And no, Wii U is not a HD version of the Wii U because it’s practically a PS3, which is vastly superior than the Wii. In fact, the gap between the PS3 and the Wii is MUCH bigger than the gap between a PS4 and a Wii U. Bad article.


    only have two games for the Wii U Kart and Smash,
    not enough games
    no Metriod
    This Hoilday XboxOne lineup is a beast
    WiiU’s another drought

    • Jon-Erich Smith

      You mean to tell me there’s absolutely nothing else on Wii U that interests you? I have about 20 games for Wii U and most of them are exclusives and there’s more than half a dozen games that’s coming out that I’m looking forward to.


        besides the new Zelda and Mario Tennis, I love Nintendo but, there are so many games that just don’t show up Wii U. Batman GTA Fallout Black Ops Madden, hopefully the NX delivers

    • DATGuywholikesXchickenX


  • Jon-Erich Smith

    This article is terrible. Yes, Wii U did not pass Dreamcast’s lifetime sales yet. No one can deny that, although that’ll probably happen during the holidays. However, the rest of the article sounds like no research was put into it.

    First of all, Dreamcast was not an expensive console. In fact, Sega originally wanted to sell it for $250 so they could profit from it on day 1. Bernie Stolar went against those orders and sold for $199 and lost his job after that. Back in those days, having a brand new console launching at $199 was considered cheap. So price wasn’t the issue. Secondly, a lot of Dreamcast games were pirated but there’s no proof that piracy actually cost Sega any sales. Maybe some, but chances are most pirates never intended to fully invest into the system anyway.

    There were two reasons why Dreamcast failed. First was consumer confidence in Sega’s future. Even though the launch was successful and for a brief moment, it seemed like Sega was back, this was the news media’s reaction to Sega:

    I remember reading this magazine. I remember at retail stores, clerks used to discourage customers from buying Dreamcast because of rumors they were hearing about what was going on at Sega. Many people felt like even though Dreamcast was a good console, Sega may not be around much longer to support it and why support a dying console when Nintendo and Sony had their systems on the way.

    The second reason was because Sega was broke. They were broke when they made Dreamcast and they were counting on Dreamcast bringing in much needed profits by a certain amount of time. By early 2001, it was clear that the money was not coming in and if Sega remained on it’s current course, then they would go bankrupt in 6 months. This is the big difference between Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo has money, lots of it. They can keep Wii U going because they can afford to. Sega could not afford to keep Dreamcast going.

    • prankster101

      True, but given that Nintendo’s brand name has been damaged in recent times, it’s going to take a lot of effort and money for them to turn things around. If seeking profit is a means of attaining sanity, the NX is going to be nothing more than a attempt by which Nintendo keeps plugging away on what is ultimately now a vanity project.

      • Pixlz

        Unless history repeats itself. The Gamecube(though i love it) was by no means a success, and the N64 before it certainly did not dominate the market. And then Nintendo followed up what looked like a certain decline in perception with the Wii. And they dominated. Overcoming perceptions of graphics with new ideas. But not realizing, like Sony’s mindset at the beginnings of the PS3, how you should cater to 3rd party’s. Sony corrected that in spades with the PS4.

        If this NX is as powerful as rumors say, incorporates a Vita like controller that you can take on the go? 3rd party’s would flock, they can piggy back off of what Sony *requires* in Remote Play from developers. Adult up the system and add in Mario and Link.

        Being 2 years late to the current gen party though, they’ll never catch anyone in sales. But certainly can find success and rebound before the *next* next gen.

      • Jon-Erich Smith

        Based on what I’ve seen over the years, I found that loyalties change very quickly with video games. A really good console launch and a really good marketing campaign can easily make everyone forget about the previous disappointment. That’s what happened with the Wii.It also happened with the PS4 (although the PS4′s launch games left a lot to be desired). I will say that while Nintendo is financially secure for a long time, they cannot afford to screw up NX. If they can pull off a successful launch and keep the momentum going for at least 6 months, they got a winner on their hands.

        While it’s true that Dreamcast had a good launch and good marketing campaign, Sega was following up on years of mistakes and failures. They had released multiple platforms in a 5 year timespan including the Sega CD, 32 X, and the Saturn. The Sega CD had a few really good games but was way before it’s time and had too much garbage on it. The 32 X should have existed, and they screwed up just about every aspect of the Sega Saturn. All of that combined with their dire financial situation meant that they really had to try hard to convince the public that their hardware was worth investing into. I think Sega tried their best. I don’t think there was anyway the outcome would have been different unless maybe they had found some parent company to buy them and provide them with the financial security they needed.

  • prankster101

    I talked about why the Dreamcast failed (to an extent) in my Nintendo-centric article over at

    • Devlin Richberger

      Wow I don’t think I have read as much trash in an article as much as yours. Most people forget that gamers like what Nintendo brings to the table. Their exclusives are not about power but gameplay and fun factor. If they go too far the way of Xbone or PS4 then the fans will leave and then Nintendo would be dying. Your article forgets the fans, and assumes the people on the Wii U want what they get from PC, Xbone, and PS4.

      • prankster101

        If there were enough fans, and if gamers really did appreciate what Nintendo brought to the table, then the Wii U would have sold more than 10 million units. And Nintendo wouldn’t have had serious profit warnings that threatened Iwata’s job.

        The fans have left, and Nintendo is dying.

        Read the article again in case you want a slightly more objective appraisal of Nintendo that doesn’t try to cater to the minority.

      • prankster101

        What “fans”, or have you forgotten the SNES and N64 – both of which were technical powerhouses of their respective eras?

  • vongruetz .

    The Wii had a number of things going for it. It was relatively cheap compared to other consoles, but it still held the Nintendo name. Its lack of availability also made it seem more desirable since they were hard to get.

    But most importantly was that a lot of people looked at it and thought it would be a fun way to exercise. I know countless moms who were for it because it meant their kids wouldn’t just be sitting on the couch. Then the Wii Fit came out, and those same moms suddenly started using for their own exercising. I still hear moms at my kid’s school talk about their morning workouts with the Wii.

  • SonShine