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Real life “Zombie Killing Truck” made for Deep Silvers Dead Island Riptide

Real life “Zombie Killing Truck” made for Deep Silvers’ Dead Island Riptide
Xquisitecars, a custom car-mod company, has made a real life Zombie Killing Truck for the new Dead Island Riptide game. This is definitely a way better promotional gig than Deep Silvers previous attempt.
I know we haven’t been fans of Dead Island in the past, but the truck isn’t made by the makers of Dead Island. The truck is made by a completely different company, Xquisitecars, so being fans of zombie related things we gave it a look.
Apparently the tuck is going to appear at several promotional events for the Dead Island Riptide game. And Deep Silver is also running a contest for retailers. Whichever retailer has the “best-dressed” window for Dead Island Riptide will get to have the Zombie Killing Truck on display at their store, which is kind of cool.
You can check out the making of the Zombie Killing Truck below:
Part 1:
YouTube Preview Image
Part 2:
YouTube Preview Image
The end result actually looks like it’s right out of a zombie apocalypse, although it could use some more armor in my opinion.
Even though this was a pretty interesting promotional stunt I still think Dead Island Riptide is going to be more of the same as the previous game, and I’m sure there’s going to be more controversial shenanigans from Deep Silver about their games, horrific launches, and other horrid promotional stunts. But maybe there is a silver lining and maybe we can hope for something better with the Dead Island Riptide game from the Deep Silver crew.



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