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PS4 Gamer Opinions, How do Yours Match Up?

PS4 Gamer Opinions, How do Yours Match Up?
For many gamers the announcement of the PS4 was relieving to hear. Sony held nothing back with its “open-console” direction. We took a look at gamers opinions on the launch of the PS4.
Our stats are provided by the folks over at Gamersuggestions, who surveyed a panel of gamers about the PS4.
Out of a 10-point scale gamers gave the PS4 an 8.1, and they gave the DualShock 4 controller a 7.8. A lot of gamers felt that the thumb sticks should be placed asymmetrically, much like the Xbox 360′s controller. Gamers also found the instant play on boot-up feature to be exciting and they found the 8GB of ram to be impressing.

An Entire Overview of the Playstation Event (w/ Pictures)

PS4 Event

The big disappointment gamers had was that they didn’t get to see the PS4 console itself. Even with this in mind 57% of gamers said they would buy the PS4.
The new social features of the system had mixed feelings among gamers. 30% of gamers listed it as their favorite feature, where the most popular suggestions gamers had for this feature was “Lay off the social media crap and let me play my games”.
PS4 Share Button

PS4 Share Button

All the game announcements were voted on by gamers and all received positive feedback. Watchdogs impressed gamers the most with 37% of the votes, followed by Killzone: Shadow Fall with 16% of the votes.
Gamers certainly seem to like the new system, even if a few modifications could be done to help improve the system. To me none of these results seem out of the ordinary and seem pretty positive about the system. I think everyone is just so excited that a new console is coming out. Now that you know the opinions of other gamers on the PS4 how do your opinions match up?


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