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Only 4 things Needed to make the Xbox 720 a Success

Only 4 things Needed to make the Xbox 720 a Success
The Wii U has released, the PS4 had announced, the only thing left is the Xbox 720. With the success of the Xbox 360 there’s really only 4 things needed to make the Xbox 720 a success.

  1. Ability to Play Used Games
  2. There’s been many rumors and hints that the next generation of consoles will have a “used-games lockout”. This means that gamers will not be able to buy used games or sell their completed games to others. It definitely isn’t something in favor of “the gamer”.
    There’s been different ideas on the ways this could be handled such as “crucial-DLC”, having each game locked to a system, always-online DRM, or even the elimination of physical copies of games entirely.

    Sim City DRM Error

    Sim City always-online DRM Error

    Now the reason behind a potential used-game lockout is that the console companies and the game developers don’t make money off of used game sales. Looking at it from their perspective they’re eliminating the “middleman” (aka game stores). I think there would be a lot of rebellion among gamers if the next Xbox didn’t allow used games.

  3. Upgradable Console
  4. Since we know that the PS4 is going to have 8 gigs of ram and several other graphical upgrades, it’s safe to assume that the next Xbox will also have similar or even better specifications. That’s great and all, but one of the biggest downfalls of consoles is that they become outdated.
    A possible way that this could be solved is by allowing users to upgrade their system. There shouldn’t be an option for this right away, but possibly a few years down the line. The Steam Box by Valve is a good example of this. It is essentially a beast computer that will run games that users can still upgrade.

    Steam Box

    Steam Box

    Technology will advance farther in the next 5 years than the past 5 years. New consoles will need a way to keep up with the changes.

  5. No Social Media Shenanigans
  6. I think many gamers are worried about the addition of the “share” button on the new PS4 controller. It kind of cheapens the controller, it’s like having a big annoying Facebook like button in the way of playing video games. Social media has already invaded computer video games, can’t we just play in peace?
    PS4 Share Button
    Anyways the addition of a share button is better kept on a screen and not as a physical button. The next Xbox needs to be careful with how they deal with social media.

  7. New IP’s (Developer Support)
  8. New IP’s aren’t entirely Microsoft’s choice, it’s also up to developers, but Microsoft hasn’t been very friendly to indie developers in the past. Such as the developer of FEZ would only be allowed to give an update of his game if he paid $10,000. It’s clear that many indie developers have gone to the Playstation Network to publish their games because of Microsoft’s lack of support and hindrance.



    There’s been so many great games released on the Playstation network that weren’t released on the Xbox live arcade, just take a look at Journey. The Xbox 360 is a great system with many great games, but it could have done a lot better with a developer friendly Microsoft. If Microsoft puts a lot of effort in helping (indie) developers publish games on their system, there would be a lot more IP’s and a lot more great games.


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  • Avi Patel

    def agree, but i really hope they resurrect rare’s old ips.

    • Ana Helušić


      • Avi Patel

        um, what?

    • Russell Gorall

      They would need a different developer to make them. Rare has been making Kinect shovelware for far too long, the talent there is gone.

      All that remains are those IP’s.

      • Avi Patel

        viva pinata and kameo were great, so don’t know what you’re talking about…

  • Jeff

    1. Xboxlive will have to become free
    2. Upgradable consoles wouldnt work, the only reason it works for the steam box is because its a pc, it runs the pc versions of games.
    3. Better IPs.

    • disqus_oLl3sVirRb

      ill still pay for xbox live because its a great service and my online games play way better than on ps3. how about reducing the cost of xbox 360 dlc, arcade games, themes, pic etc. when the xbox 720 comes out and adding more rewards and a few free games. they actually just added a new reward program for buying arcade games.

      • Ana Helušić

        PSN is much better than lamebox live

        • Avi Patel

          “lamebox live?” really?

          that statement tells me a few things.

          1) you’re immature

          2) you’re a kid or someone with a fanboyish mindset with an extremely limited and narrow vocabulary

        • disqus_oLl3sVirRb

          except the lag on call of duty and battlefield sucks. not to mention getting kicked out of your friend’s parties every other map.

      • Russell Gorall

        Well, you would probably pay for anything, then.

        Live Gold has become a “buy this to use your other subs” service. Netflix, Youtube and other things only with a paid subscription? Who else would even think to employ these tactics, besides Microsoft?

    • Russell Gorall

      At this point, any new AAA IP’s from Microsoft first party would be astounding.

      Lococycle? This is the type of thing MS first party development has been up to.

  • Laurence Smith

    Um I don’t see how the share button gets in the way AND you’re not forced to use it!

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 wins

    • Wayne Allen Jones Jr

      PS3 didnt win :) lol I dont see how the PS4 will you guys are retarded fan boys lol

      • Russell Gorall

        The PS3 has sold more consoles in one less year.

        These numbers are still nothing compared to Wii, but looking at the higher price point for PS3 it has done pretty damn well.

    • Dirty Sanchez

      When Pigs fly right

  • Russell Gorall

    I stopped reading when it was stated that the next Xbox would be at least as powerful as PS4. Everything leaked, and confirmed, thus far points to a less powerful Xbox.

    No doubt some of the cost goes to the “included” Kinect 2, which definitely is no selling point for me.

    - Kinect, Move, PS3 and Xbox 360 owner