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New Video Game System Silently Released Last Week

New Video Game System Silently Released Last Week
If you thought we were done with new consoles in 2012 then you would be wrong! A new video game console was released last week that I’m sure many of you have fond memories of with its precursor.
In a world where online games such as partybingo dominate it’s unusual to have a reboot of a retro gaming system. That’s right the new system released on December 18, 2012 is the Neo Geo X! I think I was surprised just as much as you are.
The Neo Geo X is a new handheld version of the 90′s Neo Geo gaming system. It’s a premium system for playing retro games on. If you’re a fan of the Neo Geo then this could be for you.
Neo Geo X
The system itself has a 4.3 inch screen and is a quite nice looking unit. It’s got 10 input buttons including an 8-direction dpad. I know it looks like a joystick but it acts like a dpad. The system also icnludes a mini-HDMI and A/V output, so you can play it through your TV.

Original Neo Geo

Original Neo Geo

Here are some games to check out if you are looking to pick up the system. Metal Slug is a fast run n gun side scroller with a good sense of humor. Samurai Showdown is a samurai fighting game. Nam-1975 is a third person action shooter with lots of weapons, environments, and enemies; this is definitely one of the better games to check out.
Metal Slug

Metal Slug

The Neo Geo X is a revival of an older gaming console. It’s interesting that this 90′s system was re-released as a handheld many years later. If you like retro gaming or have a nostalgic need for the system, then it may be a good idea for you otherwise it’s just another console reboot.



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  • Bad-Lion

    “King of Fighters 95 is a samurai fighting game.”

    I think the game your looking for is Samurai Showdown. :)

    • Nigel_GN

      Yep you’re right, thanks for the catch!

  • Jack

    Caught wind of this a few months back and was excited… till i saw the 200$ price tag with limited games. Its great to see this and its a cool design but Its simply put not worth the money. Have to consider im playing nothing but games ive already played i may have enjoyed them but not 200$ price tag and only around 16 games to buy.

  • mike

    just get a psp emulator