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Far Cry 3 The Game That Has Everything

Far Cry 3 combines first person shooter elements with rpg elements in an open world setting without sacrificing good gameplay value. If you think about it most of the time an open world game has all the basics but sacrifices great gameplay like stealth mechanics, an engaging story, believable game characters, and an epic setting. Whereas Far Cry 3 sacrifices none of these things.
Far Cry 3 is the next game in the running Far Cry series. The predecessor Far Cry 2 came out in 2008 and blew gamers away with its amazing free roaming island game world. Looking at the game now it looked way ahead of its time with so many new features to the open world game type like tons of drivable vehicles and actually being able to go everywhere on the huge game map.
Going back even a bit farther to 2004 the game that started off the series the original Far Cry started with its trademark lost on an island setting. Even though it set the groundwork for the other Far Cry games the first game didn’t have quite an open world as the later games of the series. Now with the newest game in the series Far Cry 3 takes Far Cry 2 and makes it better in every way.

The Game

First off there’s been a quote going around saying that Far Cry 3 is “Skyrim with guns”. Although I can see how this quote came about, it does seem a bit shallow in actually describing the game. Far Cry 3 is like Skyrim in the sense that it does have a lot of the same rpg elements in the game. For example you can create concoctions out of gathered wild herbs in Far Cry 3, which is pretty much the same game mechanic as brewing potions and collecting herbs in Skyrim.

Of course there’s the similarity between both games being open world with a lot of side quests and exploring. Although the story, characters, and setting in Far Cry 3 are a lot better written in this regard. You can even go as far and say that Far Cry 3 is like a completely different game Assassin’s Creed III because it has hunting. Although the hunting in Far Cry 3 seems a lot more dangerous and a lot more abundant and sporadic across the game world.
Getting into some of the great features of the game there are vehicles in the game which are just superb. You can go from a car, to a jet ski, to a hang glider, the game definitely exceeds there with fun to drive vehicles. It’s also got a progressive skill system which is nice. Since the game lets you tackle a problem any way you want, stealth can play a very important role in the game.

You can just go out guns blazing, although the game does reward stealthy gameplay more. The shooting in the game is superb with a large variety of guns to choose from, from bows & arrows to flamethrowers. The game is even going to sport a detailed map editor so you can create your own custom stories. Overall Far Cry 3 combines the shooting elements nicely with the rpg elements along with a huge game world. Far Cry 3 really is the game that has everything.



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