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European Games Market Growing Faster than US Games Market

A 2012 report by Newzoo, a games market research firm, states that the European games market is growing faster than the United States games market. One major factor is because consumers have more devices to access their entertainment on. That along with a whole list of other factors is what is changing the games market.
There are four major devices that consumers are playing games on. They are PC, console, smartphones, and tablets. Of these four the biggest increase has been with smartphones and tablets. This pushes developers to offer their games on more devices.

With the increase of new devices it is changing the games market. The PC market is the most affected by this, because it grosses the most money. It is found that 22% American gamers and 21% European gamers are using all four devices.
Overall it is found that the games market in the United States has grown 1% and the games market in Europe has grown 3%. Along with consumers spreading their budget across different devices there are other reasons why the games market is changing.
These other reasons include that social network gaming is down 7% in the United States, Spain has become the fastest growing MMO market in Western Europe, the console market in Spain and Italy has grown by double digits, and spending on PC downloaded games is down in every country except Germany and Italy.
There are a lot of factors that are going into Europe having a larger growth in the games market than the United States. This is starting to show that games are becoming more accessible to people, because of more affordable devices.
Since more people are starting to have access to more games it would seem likely that the European games market would grow faster because more people live in Europe than in the United States, and hence there is a larger games market potential.



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