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EA, could this be the end of a Gaming Giant?

EA, could this be the end of a Gaming Giant?
After being named ‘Worst Company in America’ again, and with their recent layoffs of most of its Montreal studio, EA’s horrible reputation with gamers is starting to catch up with them. Could this be the end of a gaming giant?
EA’s reputation with gamers has gone from bad to even worse over the past several years. EA is a gaming giant, they have such a large reach that they can and have negatively affected many parts of the gaming industry. Let’s take a look at what they have done.
Over its years EA has acquired a fair amount of game studios. After EA acquires said studio what tends to happen is EA “guts” the company. This means that EA buys the company, lays off the staff, and keeps the IP’s.
Even recently EA had layoffs for most of its Montreal mobile-games studio. They plan on decreasing the studio until there is a complete shutdown.
EA Mobile
With these newly acquired IP’s EA gets to work on a game. EA isn’t too concerned about the games quality because they know gamers are interested in the IP and the game will sell anyway. What ends up happening is they keep rehashing sequels until gamers get sick of it. I’m sure we’ve all had a game that EA has beaten to death, it’s just awful. This is how game series die.
Another one of EA’s “features” is always online drm. This is a feature to stop people from stealing a game but is quite annoying among gamers because it hurts paying customers the most. This is because in order to play a game, even single-player, you always have to have an internet connection. Problems were seen in EA’s recent game “Sim City” where gamers frequently got a connection error and were unable to play the game.

Sim City DRM Error

Sim City DRM Error

With all of these reasons and many more gamers have started to have a strong distaste for EA. Even the big gaming giant that EA is it’s apparent that they are starting to fall apart. They are losing staff and losing customers.
If EA doesn’t start to put more effort into making quality products, instead of rehashing IP’s, they can fall apart. Just take a look at Dead Space 3, it was so bad that shortly after release EA decided not to make a sequel because it wasn’t selling as well as they thought it would.
Dead Space 3 Co-op
Gamers are getting smarter they can’t just rehash games and expect us to buy it. They need to create quality products, because there are many alternatives out there that provide “more game for your buck”.
With EA’s destruction of studio’s, lack of care and quality of IP’s, always online drm, and I’m sure many other reasons it’s no wonder that they have won ‘Worst Company in America’ for the second year in a row. EA needs to change their stance on game quality or they chance losing customers and falling apart.



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  • Dark Slayer69

    I hope they go under and sell their ips to a real company. I am tired of ea destroying great game franchises, putting in online passes ect. They buy a studio, get a great ip out of the deal then keep the same characters but everything else about is taken out. the result is a crap game that ends up killing the franchise because they put no effort into the game they just want to pump them out to make more money. people feel ripped off when they buy an EA game and now they are getting sick of them. I have a jtaged xbox and any game made by EA even if it looks like a great game or any game with an online pass I would rather download for free and not play online or not play at all then give those bastards a cent. I am a gamer. I am a collector. I own thousands of games from over 30 consoles. and I spend a ton of money on games all the time, but I NEVER buy EA games. This is my personal protest against them and I hope others will do the same. I used to buy games from EA all the time until I became sick of being ripped off. When will you decide to stop being ripped off?

    • hobbesprime

      So you’re suggesting that piracy is ok because EA is a big, bad corporation. You say you’re a collector yet you own a 360 specifically to play pirated games. There’s a word for that…it’s douchebag. Your personal vendetta with EA notwithstanding, what would it take for you to understand that piracy doesn’t hurt the main corporation, it hurts the developers of the game itself. Because of the aggregate effect of the actions of people like you, there’s a family that just lost a breadwinner. Good job, “gamer”. Real gamers don’t pirate games. We buy the games we feel deserve support, regardless of their publisher.

  • matt666

    Everyone bad mouths EA even though there willing to try new things, how about you complain about a copy like IW, tryarch or activation were they bring out copy & paste games every year, and activision support sucks, they never listen to there customer complaints and they never fix there problems in mp games. EA is 1000x times better then the compaines mentioned above

  • yazter

    Here’s hoping!