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Carnival of Games Review

I am going to try to be as honest as I can about the games I review. At the same time though I don’t want to cut down the developer’s games, as they have put a lot of hard work and effort into them; and the fact that indie games are usually created by a small group of people and hence may not be perfectly fine-tuned in every aspect.


This is Carnival of Games by Sky Parlor Studios, a small indie mobile gaming company.  Now they recently created a new team of developers, and this is their first game together.  It’s more or less a test game for them.  It’s more of a simple game but they plan on making more in-depth games in the future.



From first looks Carnival of Games looks like a nice little simple fun game.  It has bright carnival like music and 3d graphics.  It has 4 games which include all of your favorite carnival events.  I noticed that they have different music from the title screen to the games which is nice.  It’s good that they have several pieces of music for the game.


When starting a game it has instructions on how to play the game.  I do have one critique here.  The text looks a little scaled up and blurry.  I mean you can read it but it’s just a slight thing that I noticed.  A feature seen throughout the games is that each one goes in round format.  In each play of the games there are 3 rounds.  I thought that was a good feature, especially for casual carnival games.  Ok now on to the games.


Bucket Toss: It’s a 3d environment where you toss a ball into a bucket.  It’s a little hard to get used to at first and the perspective seems a little weird.  I also think that the controls could be more fine tuned.  It may have just been me but when I played it seemed that the ball either didn’t make it to the first bucket or it shot all the way to the back past all of the buckets.  Also I think the buckets should have been spaced out and not just in a straight line, so it would take the players aim into effect.  It’s not a bad game but I think it just needs some tweaks.



Milk Bottle Drop: This game has some unique controls but it actually pulls them off.  It’s the classic throw a ball and knock the bottles down game, but you don’t just throw the ball with the tap of your finger.  You have to tap and hold your finger to hold the ball and then you aim with the accelerometer.  It’s a different and refreshing update to this classic game type.



Muscle Tester: It’s the classic hit the target with a hammer to see how strong you are game.  In this version you don’t just do one massive swing but you try to see how many times you can tap the target before the time runs out.  However many times you tap is the score that you get.



Shooting Gallery: In this game you have to shoot cardboard ducks, bunnies, and birds that move across various parts of the screen.  The gun automatically shoots and all you have to do is aim.  I found this game to be the funnest out of the four.  It was simple and that’s what made it great.  What also made it great was the 3 round based system.  Each round there were more things too shoot and it got more challenging.  It was a fun play.



For a test game for a new team of developers it was pretty good.  Some of the games weren’t as good as others but it has a fun set of games.  The 3d cartoonish art style looks pretty good, especially for it being on the IPod.  It may not be for everyone but I would check it out if you’re a fan of casual games.


You can get it for free on the Apple App Store or the Android Market.


If you would like me to review or preview your game or a game you know about then send me an email. I’d love to hear about it!


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  • Gina Rowley

    This app fails to start up on android..disappointing!