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Call of Duty Zombies Live-Action Fan Film

Call of Duty Zombies Live-Action Fan Film
A fan film featuring the likes of Call of Duty and Zombies.

The Call of Duty Zombie game type is one of the biggest staples of the current Call of Duty franchises. It’s no wonder that someone decided to make a live-action video of their own.
This Call of Duty Fan Film looks to tell the story of survivors living through some Black Ops 2 Zombies. The maker of this fan film is Jason Rosete Film. They have worked on other videogame live-action films in the past, so they are no stranger to and have a sort of specialty in these types of films.
The first two episodes of the series are live to watch right now (you can watch them below). Without giving too much away the action doesn’t really start until the second video, so you may want to give that one a look before making up your mind on the series. Otherwise it looks to be an interesting series.
Episode 1:
YouTube Preview Image
Episode 2:
YouTube Preview Image



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