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Are You Ready For 4 New Consoles in 2013

Are You Ready For 4 New Consoles in 2013
After a long several year cycle, the seventh generation of consoles is starting to come to an end. Just on the horizon there are several new gaming consoles by new and old gaming companies alike. 2013 looks to be a very promising year for gamers.

  1. Steam Box
  2. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Valve, the makers of the Half-Life and Portal series, are planning on making a gaming console of their own.
    Steam Big Picture
    Valve took their first step towards the Steam Box with the introduction of “The Big Picture” earlier this year. It allows gamers to play their Steam games on a TV.
    Valve already has a patent for a video game controller that has a similar layout to the Xbox 360′s controller. One cool feature of Valve’s potential controller is that you can move some of the buttons around to fit your play style.

    Valve's Steam Box Controller

    Valve’s Steam Box Controller

    This is sure to be an interesting console, especially because it’s coming from a PC developer.

  3. OUYA
  4. Another new console developer coming to the market next year is the OUYA system. It has a unique feature in which all the games will be free-to-try and all will be downloadable. It was well overfunded in its Kickstarter campaign, which had an original goal of $950,000 and ended up getting $8.5 million.
    OUYA System
    The system also has a similar controller layout to that of the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The system is on track, with developer units already shipped out, for its April 2013 release.

  5. PS4
  6. This is one of the big systems coming to the market. With the success of the Playstation systems it’s no doubt that this system will be highly supported with games and franchises you know and love.
    Developer kits for the system have already gone out, and there have been lots of talk and analysis about the Xbox 720 and the PS4 releasing soon over at Kotaku, which gives good hope for a 2013 release.

  7. Xbox 720
  8. The Xbox 720 or the Xbox Durango is the other big player to the console market. Developed by software and hardware powerhouse Microsoft, it’s no wonder that it will be a highly polished and highly backed system. With a lot of franchises under its belt and the success of the Xbox 360, it’s also sure to have a large following of gamers.



    Although it has not been officially announced by Microsoft there have been several clues to its inevitable release. Microsoft has said that the Xbox 360 is designed to have a 10 year life cycle, but because of the failure of their most recent product, Windows 8, release of the Xbox 720 could be pushed up to as early as 2013.

2013 looks to be a great year for gamers. With two entirely new consoles coming to the market as well as two inevitable veteran consoles on the horizon, gaming will be pushed to the limits and taken to new heights.



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  • monkey

    1 and 2 dont exist you moron

  • Toon

    Valve have confirmed a console. Monkey “Moron”

    • Flip

      lol Monkey doesnt even have a fucking clue


    I’m not sure how the successor to the 360 is the ‘big player’ when as of September this year, it moved into third place sales wise. The PS3 has outsold the 360 as of 2012.

    • Ricky

      Uh the 360 has been the highest selling hardware for 23 months straight


        Which you just made up. As of September 2012 the 360 has sold 70 mil worldwide and the PS3 70.2 mil worldwide. Get a clue, halfwit – there is more than one Country on Earth.

        • Billy Dibler

          Sad that we Americans have no taste when it comes to consoles. PS3 FTW

        • Daniel Lawson

          and you would be mistaken…

        • Jackson

          And you would be wrong. As of the middle of september Xbox 360 was at 70 million units shipped. At the END of october the PS3 was at 70 million units shipped. This end of the year is where the Xbox 360 ALWAYS outsells the PS3 WORLDWIDE. You can look at the numbers on VGChartz. The PS3 is still 2 million units behind and it isn’t likely those close that gap until after the next generation starts next year.

          • Marlon Smikle

            VGChartz is all estimated numbers, they have stated that. We will have to wait until the Big 3 come out with their quarterly earnings and report on the amount of Systems sold to that date. Which for Sony and I believe Microsoft is on March 31st of 2013.

            That will also tell us how they are doing overall with gain or lost revenue.

      • Darren Russell

        Uh only in NA dude. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwisde for quite some time now.


          Exactly. Just because the PS3 doesn’t outsell the 360 in NA, apparently this means Europe, Russia, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and China too. BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER, the 360 had SOLD 70 million. The PS3 had SOLD 70.2 million. Not shipped, not October. Sold, by September, worldwide. Despite being launched a year later.

          • Jake

            You LIE once again. All corporate numbers are SHIPPED and Xbox 360 got there more than a month and a half sooner. That when at the end of the year the 360 sells a LOT more than the PS3 worldwide.
            Such a poor pauperfaboy you are.
            Sony will perrish next gen.

          • Marlon Smikle

            The 360 only catches up with the PS3 due to the Holiday season in the US. But throughout the year, the PS3 sells better worldwide. Also this year the 360 hasn’t been selling that much better than the PS3 during the holiday. The PS3 has seen year over year growth since launch except for this year. You can’t denied the massive catch up to the 360 since launch. The 360 had a 10 million consoles out there before the PS3 launched.

  • Hardcoded

    1 and 2 will fail miserably. 3 possibly as well if Sony doesn’t recouperate fast (which they probably won’t). 4 will be the most powerful and complete according to the rumors. Next gen will be a mess.

    • Darren Russell

      The PS4 will be more power than the next Xbox, you can pretty much guarantee it.

      • Jackson

        You so funny. Sony near death. PlayStation last place. No money, no power.

  • Steven Garrigus

    Here it is. Ouya will fail. It will have no retail presence, just like the last cloud gaming system. What was it called? OnLive? Don’t really remember since it wasn’t so memorable. The SteamBox or whatever they call it is again-a download console. Walmart and other stores won’t carry it since there is no money in it for them with no retail games to sell. And it’s basically a generic PC for the living room. The PS4 will struggle IMO because of Sony’s current financial predicament. The Xbox is-IMO-the most promising system.

  • Test

    How is Windows 8 a failure? 40 000 000 units!!!

  • Billy Dibler

    “With a lot of franchises under its belt and the success of the Xbox 360″

    a lot of franchises under its belt???? Like what? I can name a whopping 3.

    • Daniel Lawson

      You’re an idiot… Microsoft owns some of the most beloved franchises

      • Billy Dibler


  • Tony Komada

    I would definitely question that Windows 8 was a failure, especially this early into the life of the OS

    • Jackson

      It didn’t fail just yet. 40 million licenses sold already is hardly a failure and the Windows 8 userbase is already rising sharply on Steam.

  • Juan Perez


    • Jackson

      Wow, all caps. You must be a retarded PauperStation fanboy.
      With a rising brand in popularity, no MS will not fail. The one that will fail is Sony PlayStation. Vita already proves that the brand is dying fast. And Valve and Ouya will have to bring significant changes/benefits to the table if they want to have ANY impact AT ALL. Nobody wants download only consoles right now and Steam’s Big Picture mode is a joke of an interface when everything else still requires a mouse and keyboard. If you want that to succeed as the couch experience, it will fail even harder.

      • Marlon Smikle

        You are no better with name calling. You are just sad and don’t make yourself come out any better then he is for saying a console that we know nothing really about is going to fail. From the previous Generations, you can tell that both Sony and Microsoft will go with power over anything.

        Only time will tell, how they will do. All I can say is that I know Sony will support their next console with more than just Shooters, racing and Kinect games. And Microsoft will probably have the a set of the best indie titles, but that can go to Nintendo with how easier it is to publish games on their eShop (Trine 2 dev). Sony will also support their console longer than Microsoft will. This is coming off how they treated the original Xbox and how the 360 has only one real High Profile exclusive next year. Which will probably sell better than a few of Sony’s exclusives. I’m a Gears fan, so, I might be biased.,

  • Jason

    Steambox and Ouya are download only and will fail because of no retail support and nobody wants a static pc (which would just be another console without a decent user experience). Sony will fail even harder. The company produces nothing but overhype that doesn’t deliver and people are getting tired of all this BS. It is no miracle they are going bankrupt as they fail in every sector they are in, hence the credit ratings being cut to junk. Sony IS junk and are in last place with everything.

  • Miichael Adoniis

    dont matter who lives and dies, i want some next gen goodness

    • Jackson

      Sony will die and it’s true. They don’t matter.

      • Marlon Smikle

        You come off as you hate Sony. Did they do something wrong to you I the Past?

  • ajmac

    sega needs to promote a new system the xbox controllers are mimics of the dreamcast controller xbox and sony both plan on doing download games only them selves because they cant get a peace of the money that gamestop makes reselling used games sega just had bad timing ahead of their time we need the real king to return and show how its really done there has been rumors for years of sega sami emerging crossing my fingers