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An Entire Overview of the Playstation Event (w/ Pictures)

An Entire Overview of the Playstation Event (w/ Pictures)
With over half a million people watching, the event started off with an epic beginning video with introspective clips of inspiring videos that then turned into a slew of clips of the Playstation’s best games. Then the main announcer came out and teased some more with a quick speech. He then went to talk about Sony focusing on the player. They even gave a shout out to indie games such as Journey on the Playstation network. Then the big announcement was made.
That’s right the Playstation 4 was officially announced at the event. With this new console Sony doesn’t just plan to upgrade the graphics, but to upgrade the process for developers as well as tailoring to the next generation gamer.
Mark Cerny the lead designer of the PS4, who has been working in the game industry since the age 17 when he joined Atari, went to talk about the new features. He started out by joking about past consoles selling points including “blast processing”, it kind of gave this vibe that Sony knows that better graphics can’t be the only selling point. Although they did announce the system specs, which are shown below:
PS4 Specs
They also showed off the new controller, which confirmed past rumors that there is a touchpad on the controller. It also has some sort of dual camera depth sensor that is built in with the new controller.
PS4 Dualshock 4
They even showed some appealing graphics and physics simulation. Also a new game “Knack” was announced. They also shared some keywords that were the focus for the new Playstation system, which are:

  • Simple: Keeping things simple such as touchpad integration
  • Immediate: Custom hardware, suspend/resume can turn off system and turn it back on and be back in the game, titles playable while downloading
  • Social: Dedicated always on video compression and decompression, also a new homepage was shown. They allow you to record video on your console, and can watch live-streams of friends playing games

Up next David Perry made an appearance as the next speaker. He worked on titles such as Earthworm Jim. Killzone Shadowfall was announced and gameplay video was shown. Also a new infamous game made an appearance.

Killzone Shadowfall

Killzone Shadowfall

Jonathan Blow, indie developer of Brave and other titles made an appearance. He introduced his new title “The Witness” a PS4 exclusive, an open-world game with new interesting things around every corner. He kind of knocks on open world games where they try to impress gamers with the sheer scale of the game, he says his game is compact but full of interesting and unique things around every corner.
David Cage then showed off some impressive graphics capabilities of the PS4.
Alex Evans from Media Molecule the makers of Little Big Planet. They focused on 3D creation. They showed off a sculpting tool that gamers can make 3D objects with the Move controller. Perhaps they’re going to combine this to create a new and improved Little Big Planet game where you can make entire 3D models and basically make more detailed games.
Media Molecule 3D
Then the original announcer came back out. He started talking about Sony’s connection with developers and every developers support for the PS4.
Yoshinori Ono from Capcom took the stage. He talked about the evolution of Capcom games throughout the Playstation consoles. They are working on a new game engine calle “Panta Rhei”. They then showed a new IP “deep down” (working title) using the Panta Rhei engine which looked pretty impressive.
Panta Rhei Engine

Panta Rhei Engine

Up next was Yoshihisa Hashimoto from Square Enix. They showed a preview trailer for a new game. Shinji Hashimoto, brand director for Square Enix, then took over. He announced a new Final Fantasy title.
Square Enix Game
Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft studios was up next to the stage. He talked about “Watch Dogs” a next-gen title. Then another speaker came out for the new Watch Dogs title. He brought up the idea of “smart cities”, which will be in the new game. This makes a dynamic game world where “anything can happen”. Basically every person and everything you affect can have a dramatic and dynamic effect in the game world.
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Then Chris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment made an appearance for the PS4. This is the first Blizzard has made an appearance for any console, as this is their first big jump into console games. They plan on releasing Diablo 3 onto the PS4.
Blizzard at PS4 Event
Then Eric from Activision showed what they had in store for the PS4. He talked about Bungie about their new project “Destiny” and how they are bringing it to the PS4 and PS3, with exclusive content for the Playstation version of the game. It’s a persistent online world where players can grow and build their players.
That was the final game showcase. There was a quick sign-out with a final video showing some more Playstation titles and developer commentary and the Playstation event was over. They also mentioned the system is coming in Holiday 2013.
There was certainly a ton of new information to get excited about. All the new games and features coming to what seems to be a revamped console experience. The only thing they didn’t seem to show was the look of the actual system itself. I can’t wait to see what else is going to be announced in the future.



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