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93 Million Dollar Budget And Still No Official Release Date

Star Citizen holds the world record for the highest crowdfunded project. With 93 million dollars committed by supporters it rivals the development budget of AAA games. Three years later the game still does not have an official release date.
Star Citizen is an ambitious game with a dynamic universe. It’s promoted as a massive game world were players can be anything from treasure hungry space pirates to merchants that create their own little empire. It’s a very ambitious game with a lot of content and possibilities.
Back in 2012 it had a successful Kickstarter campaign. They asked for $500,000 and got over $2 million in backer support. After their successful Kickstarter campaign they allowed people to continue the crowdfunding of their game through their own website.
By allowing the crowdfunding campaign to continue on their own site they continue to get millions of crowdfunding donations every month. The amount that people have invested into the game, at the time this article was written, has reached $93 million.
The real issue that I have with Star Citizen is that they have an enormous amount of money crowdfunded for their game and three years later they have yet to release an official release date. They have an estimated date but those dates tend to slip and can be pushed back as many times as they want. There have also been several Kickstarter games that have been funded but ended up not being released.
The problem is that this is a very ambitious game and they are doing things that other games have not done yet. I’m worried that three years after the initial crowdfunding campaign they still don’t have an official release date. Let’s hope they set one soon and that this game doesn’t slip from reality.


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  • Bobbbbby5

    They’ve said previously they’re aiming for 2016.
    Also, this time of development length isn’t at all uncommon for a game of this scale and scope. Most mmos take 3-5 years to develop, with larger budgets.

  • Davide

    At least they’re going to do it right and not release a buggy disappointment like most big companies do.

  • lol

    lol I notice my comment that criticized your article is mysteriously not here. Bad writer is bad.