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6 Things You’ll Love About Orcs Must Die 2

The first Orcs Must Die was a refreshing hardcore 3rd person tower defense game. You went around placing traps and getting headshots to fend off hordes of orcs. It was an unexpectedly impressive game, and if you liked the first game, or are even remotely interested in this type of game, then here are 6 things that you’ll love about Orcs Must Die 2!

  1. Co-op
  2. Co-op was one of the biggest missing features of the first game, but finally you can kill some orcs with a friend! With the new co-op feature they even introduce a new character, the Sorceress.

    They really amped up the multiplayer this time around, with allowing full 2 player co-op support in every single mode in the game. This really is a great addition to the series.

  3. Traps
  4. This time around there are more than 50 traps, compared to 22 from the first game. Certainly a nice addition to the large assortment available.

    With all the different kinds of traps and all the available spaces to put them, there are endless solutions to any possible map. This is what really makes the game engaging.

  5. Hardcore
  6. Orcs Must Die 2 is a hard game. The difficulty really ramps up fast, so you better be prepared and not waist any money on lame positioned traps.

    Basically if you like a challenge you will most likely get it with this game. The swarms upon swarms of enemies will start to stack up, and you will need to set up your traps to be efficient and effective at aiding you in holding back the hordes or orcs.

  7. Superb Voice Acting
  8. I’ve got to say the voice acting in the game is pretty good. This dialogue really gives the characters some nice, well character. With some jokes thrown in this is a superb continuation of voice acting from the first game.


  9. Improved Upgrade System
  10. Orcs Must Die 2 has a greatly improved upgrade system. It just has so much more depth about upgrades and progression, more than 225 upgrades to be precise. It really stepped up and improved the upgrade system this time around.


  11. Brilliant Level Design
  12. The levels in the game are just absolutely set up for 2 player co-op. In most maps there are multiple paths for the mobs to go through, this usually results in each player defending half of the map. This combined with some choke points makes it a step in the right direction for the game.

    Another great part about the game is environmental traps. These were already present in the first game, so this is more just a minor footnote, but these still provide that extra layer of depth. They really come in handy when there’s just too many orcs to handle, which believe me will happen.


Orcs Must Die 2 took everything good from the first game, improved it, and then added a whole bunch of new features. It’s a game with a good bit of fun, depth, replayability, and uniqueness.
Have any other features that you think make Orcs Must Die 2 a great game? Have any cool experiences with the game? Let me know in the comments!



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