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5 Things Every RPG Should Have

RPG’s are some of the most hardcore immersive game types out there. You build a character and put a lot of time and effort into making that character the most epic they could possibly be. We’ve taken some of the greatest and best parts of RPG’s into consideration and came up with 5 Things Every RPG Should Have.

  1. Expansive Skill System
  2. To kick off the list is an expansive skill system. The leveling and progression of the skills that you are going to work on with your character needs to be well paced and well rewarded. If you spend all your time sharpshooting with a bow and arrow, you should get perks and better equipment for a bow and arrow.

    This also includes having a wide and diverse range of skills that your character can pursue. It’s always great to have more options and to be able to customize your character to your personal liking. This can be done by giving the player as many options as possible without compromising the balance of the game.

  3. Balanced Combat
  4. In an RPG it’s pretty darn important to have balanced combat. If a major part of the game depends on combat then it should be thought out and well executed.
    You don’t want to fight overpowered enemies at the beginning of the game, but then again you don’t want to just slice through everyone halfway through the game either. It’s a challenge of getting that perfect balance, but if it’s perfected it pays off.

  5. Main Level
  6. If you work on your character and you increase all of your skills, you want it to show. That’s why it’s great to have this one overruling “main level” in RPG games. I know a lot of games do have a “main level” but some do not. It’s more of an all-end “my character is better than yours” situation. It’s one definitive level that shows where your character is at.

  7. Immersive Story
  8. I think without question you could say if an RPG doesn’t have an immersive story, you’re not going to get into it. Why put all this time into a character and a game world, when it’s just another medieval world where evil has descended upon it?

    It’s got to have interesting and complex characters along with a believable story. If the story isn’t sold to the player, then it won’t be that engaging of an experience.

  9. Open Game World
  10. Open game worlds make the game so much more personalized. Because you can go anywhere and do anything, well for the most part. An open world game just adds to the “you are the character” that you’re playing, because if you were actually in whatever game world you happen to be playing in, you would go do whatever you wanted and explore.
    You wouldn’t just stick to one confined path. This creates so much more liveliness into game worlds because you go around and see the world as if it were actually living, which makes it that much more believable and immersive.

After reading the article do you have anything else that you think every RPG should have? What was the last RPG game you played? Let me know in the comments!



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  • Vampiric

    an rpg doesnt need any of those things you fool

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    you also forget ‘engaging combat’ which skyrim also forgot :D