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5 Things Every FPS Should Have

FPS games have some of the most thrilling action-packed events in them. They’ve become very popular over the past decade with graphics capabilities improving tenfold. First Person Shooters have the potential to be gorgeous intense gameplay experiences, although with many of the popular FPS games coming out with the same “formula” there are certain areas that can improve. Here are 5 Things Every FPS Should Have.

  1. Gorgeous Graphics
  2. If the game is a first person shooter it needs to have gorgeous graphics. In a first person shooter it’s simulating as if you are the actual person you are playing. You can go right up and look at objects in the game world, so everything from the main enemies to a random barrel needs to be in good shape.

    With today’s computer graphics capabilities there are a lot that computers can handle. Game artists shouldn’t need to settle for anything less than their best.

  3. FOV Slider
  4. Having a Field of View (FOV) slider option is a must for any game released today. If a camera view is too small or too wide it can be very uncomfortable and even unplayable to certain players.
    This is because every player is different and games should be able to adjust to this, it’s really not a super complicated feature to add. This can even be expanded of course to having more options for the player in general.

  5. Variety of Weapons
  6. Since shooting a gun is one of the most important factors of an FPS, it’s nice to have variety in the weapons you can use. It doesn’t have to be a ton but just take a look at Half-Life 2; there’s such a wide variety of different types of weapons in the game.
    There are the normal guns like the pistol and the machine gun, and there are some cool guns like the crossbow and the gravity gun. Something as simple as being able to effect the gravity of certain objects can make such a different and fun experience.

  7. Balance
  8. This applies to both multiplayer and singleplayer FPS experiences but we’re going to focus on the multiplayer aspect of it. Balance is very important to an online FPS match. You can’t have one person blowing away everyone with one gun, there needs to be pro’s and con’s to every weapon.

    For example having small amounts of ammo, having a short range, or having low damage but have the rate of fire be off the charts. There’s plenty of different ways to stop a gun from becoming a total dominator on the map.

  9. A Decent Storyline
  10. I’m not saying that all FPS’s have a bad storyline but I mean there are definitely some that could improve. I want to actually feel some connection to who I am playing as. If it’s just a bland character it doesn’t take the experience to that extra step.
    This can be expanded to the entire game world being believable and fully-developed. Just because you have a gun in your hand and are blasting away enemies doesn’t mean you can skimp out on the story and atmosphere of the game.


FPS’s really are some intense games. They are engaging and provide intense gaming experiences. There is definitely room for improvement in FPS games especially with several games coming out being practically the same game, but I can say that FPS games are still one of my favorite game types to play.



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