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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Need A New Console

There’s been a lot of talk about the next generation of consoles. With an expected release of the major consoles within the next couple of years, I’ve got to say that we don’t really need a new console. This may seem to be the old debate between pc and consoles, but let’s take a closer look into why we don’t need a new console.

  1. A PC works just as well if not better
  2. First off there are very few games that don’t end up coming out on pc. Most of the time you end up getting a better experience than you would on the consoles. Just think about it, when you have a pc you will most likely have better hardware so your games will run smoother.
    With a better and faster hardware platform, like that of a pc, you don’t limit developers from making games that will only run on consoles. So with consoles you end up limiting the greatness of what a game could potentially be. It just really doesn’t make sense that there has to be a platform so specific and so restricted for playing games on.

  3. Indie Games and Free Games
  4. Another perk to playing games on a pc is that there are an abundance of free and cheap available games! There are so many indie games and free games out there, that I personally find out about new and interesting ones practically every day.
    If you’re just looking for a fun little game to kill some time with, first off there’s web games which there are thousands of. Then if you dig deep enough you can certainly find more than you could probably ever complete of free games.

    Then on top of that there is a hidden gem of indie games, like project zomboid and the Binding of Issac. Most of these games are pretty cheap, and every couple of weeks there seems to be an indie bundle of some sorts which offers usually 5 or more games, and you get to pay what you want! It truly is amazing at how many games and hidden gems there are available through the pc. You just don’t get anywhere close to this on consoles.

  5. Free Up developers to focus on PC Games and Ports
  6. One of the main focuses of current big name developers is creating games for consoles. Now compared to developing on the pc, it takes quite a bit more resources and funding to create games for consoles. If we didn’t have consoles to worry about, there would be less restrictions on game developers. I believe microsoft charges $10,000+ just for an extra patch.

    Consoles are ending up putting the actual creators of the game on the down-side of the gaming industry. It should be the developers that should be able to make additions to their game if they want and need to. That’s just one specific example, but it shows my point.
    In addition there wouldn’t be a need for pc ports, and with that there wouldn’t be any bad pc ports. I mean there should be no reason for there to be a bad pc port, even the recent Darksiders II wasn’t invulnerable to this.
    Although it wasn’t an awful pc port there certainly were some flaws in it. It would keep games essentially on one platform which would eliminate the chance of there being bad ports for any system.

  7. Get developers out of this “sequel-athon”
  8. Another thing that really needs to go, is the “sequel-athon” that developers seem to be in right now. They don’t create new ip’s they just stick with the same old story, world, and characters and keep pumping out the same thing over and over. Albeit slightly different and ideally as an improvement to the previous game.

    If developers focused solely on pc, they would have a lot more freedom to experiment and try new things. We would be seeing a lot more new and creative games and not just the same old stuff. (another reason why I like indie games so much)
    It quite frankly limits the creativeness of the developers, because once again it costs quite a pretty penny to develop for consoles. If they keep making consoles they’re going to keep making sequels, simple as that.

  9. Not Worth the Money
  10. If you haven’t gotten this point by now, then there’s no hope. If you really think about it you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of hardware that can do one thing, play games.
    That would be ok if it was a decent price point, but for only a little bit more you can get a decent pc which allows you to play so many more games and do so much more. It really expands your library of games and your potential library of games by the thousands.


It seemed the pc was on the down-side a decade ago. It may have made sense to have consoles back then, but ever since there has been more and more people getting access to the internet, and it seems that the pc is on the rise.
For all these reasons I really don’t see why we need a new console. The pc can easily do everything a console can and so much more, for practically the same price. We don’t need another generation of consoles, we need a new generation of gamers that embraces the pc for what it is and never looks back.



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  • ramon1985

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Prolly because I’m ONLY a console gamer. For one thing, I think we NEED a new media, I’m sick of games being on multiple discs. LA Noire, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Rage…I’m sick of it.

    • KrazyFace

      Then get rid of that 360, and get a PS3. The reason consoles are more popular than PCs for gaming is simple; matching hardware. PC’s vary way too much to give everyone the same experience from the same game. With a console the developers always know the quality level their customers are having

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    me i’m not about this list we need new gaming consoles. they broke the traditional console cycle with this generation and that gave mobile and other developers time enough to to catch up now dedicated gaming is at risk and your pc argument is invalid who has the money to buy a gaming pc, a really good one at that smh

  • DrMossman

    As a game developer I don’t see the large franchises that control the wheel of the industry deterring from their console partners.

    ‘God of War’ ‘Final Fantasy’ ‘Metal Gear Solid’ ‘Fifa’ ‘Call of Duty’ ‘Battlefield’.
    Some of these brands are available on the PC and can be just as popular, but their console-counterparts are still a popular choice.

    Free/Indie games are great, almost everyone loves a free indie game, but that doesn’t mean people will dump their new ‘Uncharted’ game because they found Bejeweled on Facebook too exciting.

    Most users i’ve met who own a personal computer or a laptop don’t even have a dedicated graphics processor in their computer, usually coupled with an aged or cheap processor not capable of playing your average XBOX/PS3 level game.

    I believe people will stick with a console, believing it to be the ‘cheaper’ option, which isn’t true for the most part as we both know, but its the popular census.

    • Nigel_GN

      You have some valid points; while I agree that someone most likely would not drop their new Uncharted game for a little web game like Bejewled, you have take a look at the larger picture.
      Web games are just the very tip of the iceberg, you can’t forget all the other indie games (free & purchased) that are available only through pc.

      And I think you hit the nail on the head, most people will buy a console because they think it’s cheaper, while a little research can get you a lot better with a pc. Ignorance is bliss I guess (or I guess not in this case!)

  • EpicGnome

    Totally agree PC gaming is really where it’s at. It’s not just the fact that you don’t have to purchase a new console every 5 or so years, it’s that there is so many games that are available to you only through the pc; and yes there are certain exclusives to the consoles, but the amount that are available on the pc way surpases those on the console.