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5 Reasons Why Every Controller Should be like the Xbox 360 Controller

Although last week I took a bit of a gander as to why we don’t need new consoles, the current generation of consoles cannot be ignored. The Xbox 360 controller is one of the sleekest and most comfortable controllers ever made. Here are 5 reasons why every controller should be like the Xbox 360 controller.

  1. Perfect Joystick Layout
  2. The Xbox 360 controller has the perfect joystick layout. With one joystick on the upper left corner and the other in the bottom right, you just can’t beat it. Compared to the dual center style joystick layout (for example a PS3 controller), it feels more natural and comfortable.
    This is because it doesn’t have that awkward weight offset from both of your thumbs applying pressure to the middle of the controller. In the Xbox 360 controller you hold both sides, but you also kind of hold the front and the back because the joysticks are distributed on the top and the bottom. This works out really well when you get into an intense game, like an online multiplayer match.

  3. Size
  4. Well I’m going to go ahead and say it, size matters! If a controller is too small it can be very uncomfortable to people with large hands. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to hit all the buttons precisely or the controller just flat-out wouldn’t be comfortable to hold.

    Either way the controller can’t be too small or too big. The Xbox 360 controller is just the right size for comfortability and to allow you to be precise when pressing buttons.

  5. Comfortability
  6. Holding an Xbox 360 controller in your hands just feels right. It feels like an extension of your fingertips, and not like a clunky piece of plastic.
    It has excellently sized handles on each side of the controller. This really allows you to hold on to the controller and not lose your grip during play.

  7. Just the Right Amount of Complexity
  8. With 4 main buttons, 2 joysticks, 2 pressure pads, 2 bumper pads, start, select, and 1 d-pad, it has just the right amount of complexity to suit almost any games needs.
    From first person shooter to simulation to more casual games, the Xbox 360 controller allows for a great platform for developers to set the controls too. Now of course this is up to the developer of each individual game to actually set decent controls for the game, but this provides the proper framework for developers to work with.

  9. Great Control
  10. The Xbox 360 controller has great response. You can be very precise in the control of your character while playing. If you go left your character will actually go left.

    The 2 joysticks is really what gives players that extra amount of control. All around the Xbox 360 controller has great precise controls.


In the future…
Even a new video game system’s controller, Ouya, has a very similar layout to that of the Xbox 360′s. It has 2 joysticks, the 4 main buttons, and a dpad. It’s a pretty close match to the Xbox 360 controller, at least to its layout. It has all the basics to make it a superb controller.

The Xbox 360 is such a defining controller. It really advanced in sleekness, comfortability, and functionality from its predecessor the regular Xbox controller. I do believe it is the controller that all other controllers should look too.



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  • Anon

    PS3 is the most comfortable controller to hold Id just like the Triggers on it to be a bit different.

    • Jon

      I guess it’s each to his own; when it came to it, I went for a 360 over a PS3 purely because on trying both I found the 360 pad more comfortable. Likewise I have many friends who swear by their PS3, but they also had playstations 1 & 2.

  • Billy Dibler

    Are you freeking kidding me??? Sorry but the DS3 kills the 360 pad, and best of all the sticks are both down low, not that offset B.S.

  • Douglas Tullis

    I have 9 1/2″ hands and I find the Xbox 360 controller too big. The buttons feel hard to the touch and feel too “clicky.” (are they even pressure sensitive?) The concave sticks don’t fit my play style either as I like to use just the tips of my thumbs very lightly on the sticks for precise control in shooters (with the sensitivity turned all the way up). I find with concave sticks (which seem too smoothed out in texture too) my thumbs tend to slip too much.

    I’m not saying the PS3 controller is better, but that it would be awesome if console makers would have multiple proprietary controller styles to fit everyone’s personal preferences.

    This article is oversimplifying the issue too much.

  • N30RYU

    When M$ put a decent D-Pad on it’s controller we’ll talk, otherwise DS3 wins

  • AAAA

    Very flawed article. You’re grasping at straws when one point is “comfortability”.
    Great control is pretty incorrect, the 360 pad has larger deadzones on the analogue sticks than the DS3, a D-pad that has been largely broken for years (point 4 goes out the window as the controller sucked for fighting games because of this) and face buttons that don’t have the same level of pressure sensititivty as the DS3′s (there’s only on and off for the 360 buttons, DS3 has the full range of pressures).

    It’s not as functional as you believe either as it doesn’t come with a charging cable so you have to use batteries unless you fancy forking out more cash for a play and charge kit.

    • 2wisted

      Xbox 360 play and charge kits are £10. A mic for the PS3 is £20, the rumble pack is like £8 and new flat triggers cost extra. So if you want what the 360 package gives by default on your PS3 pad, you’ll have to pay £30+, the 360 will push you back £10.

      But I’m sure MS will give you in-built rechargable batteries next-gen.

  • jeff scalzo

    This is ALL opinion. I for one have tried the 360′s quite a’s too heavy, I TOTALLY disagree that the analog placement makes sense and I find the buttons harder to press than a regular dualshock. I also constantly forget the buttons as Sony’s symbols are very easy to remember compared to the letters. The triggers aren’t always as accessible and overall the dualshock provides just as much control if not more to the in game movement than the 360.

    But that’s my opinion. Im not gonna write an article about how much better the dualshock is. Maybe one about why I like it more.

  • keysy

    not a fan of the 360 controller this is your opinion. Think the controller sucks and hurts my hands and i have very large hands.

  • brownstarbeaner

    I’ll agree great controller, but has flaws, one the biggest is the worst Dpad I have ever played with. And a battery pack?? I know there are rechargable ones but seriously. The offset joysick is a innovative idea, but doesn’t feel any better than the DS3, both feel natural. love the triggers and bumper buttons, got that over Ds3 by far.

    • Robin

      Battery pack is a plus. If your battery is dead on the DS3 you have to open it up and void the warranty.

    • BronkyRivers

      an innovative idea as in you mean the dreamcast controller?

  • Christopher Savart

    360 controller is the best cause i can hold it like a (game)Nachoooo.
    Seriously though, such a defining controller? you need to use AA batteries. What is this? The controller of the 90s.
    dual Analogue positions feel natural? Actually not? Cause if you hold one right now you will notice that your left thumb is actually slightly streched compares to your right one.
    I think they both good controlers but with ds3 you can play a lot more varirty of games with it.(try to play a fighting)

  • F

    In what way is the 360 controller a “defining” controller? You’re even using the upcoming Ouya controller as an example of another controller that supposedly mimics the 360 one, even though it could just as well be compared to the DS3. And you know what? The first Dualshock was out way before the original Xbox hit the market.

    Besides, this entire article seems to be based on your personal preferences. That’s not good journalism.

    • 2wisted

      The Ouya pad is using the 360′s stick placement and triggers rather than PS3s back buttons. That’s what makes it more akin to the 360 pad than the DS3, the fact it uses the same stick placement and trigger layout, which is the biggest difference between the 360 and PS3 pads.

      Of course it’s personal preference, this entire subject is arbitrary, it can’t be entirely objective.

      I hate when people call something bad journalism simply because they disagree. Guy’s listing valid reasons.

  • cpear

    You can’t use your right hand to move a character with the left stick is you’re attempting a complex move and need to free up your left thumb. I do this all the time on the PS3 and am frustrated constantly with the XBox controller.

    Also, everything mentioned is your personal preference. There’s no real information like polling or research attached to anything you’ve said. This should have been written as a preference piece. At least then you wouldn’t leave yourself open to all these attacks.

    Also, the XBox dpad is the worst control system ever invented. I can’t even pick letters to write a message with it. It’s garbage.

    • ariessiren

      so true the dpad is god awful for fighting fans or even selecting for hot keys. they even redesigned it it was so bad. love how he didnt mention that. the 360 controller is good but no controller is perfect.

  • ariessiren

    theres one blaring issue the 360 controller has that cant be overlooked. the HORRIBLE d-pad. if your a fighter fan, your out of luck. everyone knows its awful and it has been documented by game sites how bad it is. they even redesigned it with the twist d-pad. and its still not perfect. the ps3 dpad is the best for fighters period. but the analogue stick could benefit from being above just like the 360 pad has it. this article is completely biased. both controllers have issues, if it would have stated this, then yeah, good article. but to overlook a MAJOR issue where even microsoft had to redesign it, is biased and reeks of favortism fanboy writing. both are great but you have to point out the good and bad if you want to be taken seriously and professionally

  • ariessiren

    heres an unbiased opinion.. if you love fighters, ps3 is the top choice. 360 dpad is seriously terrible. if you use the analogue stick alot for FPS and adventure games, the 360 controller is best due to it being positioned on top. very natural. both have goods and bads. there you go. both are good in their own respect. whatever genre you play, pick the one you use most and enjoy

  • Robin

    Too bad the PS3 controller has been proven to add to the incidence of Quervain’s tendinitis because of the stupid analog stick placement and holding angles. The DS3 is an ergonomic nightmare (it’s made for tiny kids’ hands) and that is why the 360 pad is superior, otherwise the 360 pad has its own flaws, like the original dpad that sucked (the new ones are awesome).

  • Bobert

    PS3 controller is the best out there hands down in every way

  • BoLo

    Another thing that is flawed with the 360 is that for fast pace 3rd person action games like DMC and Bayonetta the spread between the bumpers and trigger buttons is too big. A lot of these game require both buttons be pressed at the same time and with the PS controller its a cinch with both middle and index finger, 360 not so much. I went the whole game of Bayonetta without using lock on too often because it was between that and the shoulder button which is the dodge and I needed that more. If it wasn’t for the horrible port on the ps3, I would’ve have gotten that version simply due to controller layout.

  • LD21

    360 controls suck but there better then normal xbox controllers

  • zain naeem

    Can’t say i enjoyed the article in the very least

  • The Truth

    N64. Best. Contoller. Ever.

  • Visitor trying out sight


  • David Leonard

    yeah hate to be the average internet guy, but this sucks, you start out pretty well with your first example, by the third, you didn’t even mention the counter argument against the PS3 anymore

  • 2wisted

    360 controller is easily the best pad I’ve ever used. It has triggers instead of big floppy R2/L2 buttons like the DS3, which is great for racers as it feels more like a pedal that you can lightly press or hold down, you have more control. Also works much better for shooters because it’s like a trigger, again giving you more control over the pace of your shots.

    Stick layout is perfect, buttons are great, my only complaint WAS the D-Pad, it was too chunky, the newer pads have fixed this issue and flattened out the buttons. Prior to the new D-pad, I got my fighting games on PS3, now I’m on 360 for those 2.

    PS3 pad loses points with me because the sticks feel too loose, they don’t feel as well-made as the 360 sticks, the placement is off, the controller is too small (fine when I was a kid playing PS2), ain’t great for shooters because of the lack of triggers, and no default rumble.

    Only problem with the 360 was the D-pad, which newer pads have fixed. It’s the right size, perfect stick, button and trigger placement w/rumble.

    I Agree with the article.

  • Taji Karasuma

    I CAN’T WAIT BUY OUYA & play all my favourite classic games… (^0^) /