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4 Things to Look Forward to in BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite is the latest upcoming first-person shooter from Irrational Games and is as impressive as games can get. With the successful and unique stories of the previous games it has a lot to live up to. There are several new features to look forward to, this is not a game to pass up.

  1. New Atmosphere
  2. The new atmosphere of BioShock Infinite is the most believable unrealistic setting I’ve ever seen. The vibe of the fictional 1800′s floating city “Columbia” is sure to get gamers and fans excited.
    Bioshock Infinite Columbia
    It melds history with futuristic elements that just fit perfectly together, which has always been a part of the BioShock series of games. The new atmosphere is refreshing and does not look to disappoint.

  3. Mysterious Companion
  4. A mysterious companion, Elizabeth, is certainly an interesting character. One of the most interesting is her special powers, of these include her telekinetic powers. She has the power to transport whole environments, by using “tears”, and as seen in teaser videos for the game the results can be quite mind-bending.
    Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Environment
    Fear gamers have had about having a companion in the game is having to worry and “babysit” Elizabeth through the game. Irrational Games has worked very hard on making sure she doesn’t get in the way of gameplay and according to Levine, the creative director and cofounder of Irrational Games, is “in no way, shape, or form is this an escort mission”.

  5. New Weapons
  6. The new weapons showcased in gameplay videos of the game are surely impressive and unique. These new weapons include Steampunk looking rocket launchers, snipers, Gatling guns and several other forms of guns.
    Bioshock Infinite Sniper
    Other weapons include Vigors which give the player extraordinary abilities. Some of these include the “Bucking Bronco” which blasts enemies in front of the player, and “Possession” which turns enemies to fight for you. Definitely a decent amount of new weapons to try out.

  7. Open World Direction
  8. The previous games did feature elements of open-worldness but BioShock Infinite plans to take this to the next level. They created a system that allows the player to just explore and the world progresses around them.
    Bioshock Infinite Open World
    It allows for endless possibilities, and allows you to explore what you want when you want. This even more player-driven gameplay is an excellent feature.


This game has such an impressive charm with its amazing atmosphere and new features. It releases March 26 worldwide on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and to be quite honest I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this game.



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