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4 Things that went Horribly Wrong with Dead Island’s Release

The release of Techland’s Dead Island was a highly anticipated one. It was pitched as an epic open-world zombie infested island resort, where players could freely explore the island, find weapons, complete missions, and of course kill some zombies. It did somewhat deliver on that statement, but it did come with more than a fair share of problems.


  1. Bugs
  2. I would have to say the biggest problem that Dead Island had upon its release were bugs. I mean how could you release a game with 37 major bugs? They range from missing menus, to missions that can’t be completed, and then there is a whole slew of AI and animation bugs.
    Those aren’t even the most embarrassing of bugs. The real major bug allows you to go into “no clip” mode, which means that you can fly around the map at anytime and anywhere. So essentially you don’t have to complete any challenge in the game, you can just fly right over it.



  3. Repetitiveness
  4. With the bugs aside there’s another problem with the game. The game is ok in the fact that you do get to explore a large area, where zombies will constantly be on your tail. The actual gameplay just doesn’t quite live up to standards.
    One of the main features of the game is killing zombies. The combat goes as follows: You hit a zombie, they fall, then you curb-stomp them to death. It’s literally the same thing with every zombie.

    The weapons in the game also don’t add to the variety. Yes there are several different melee weapons but essentially they all do the same thing. They just bash a zombie down and there aren’t a ton of added features with that.
    Another feature of any hopeful zombie rpg game is a mission/quest system. Dead Island has one but the missions just consist of the same few things. Most of them consist of going somewhere or finding an item. It would have been much better with more variety.


  5. Weak Story
  6. The story for the game is mediocre at best. Each of the four selectable characters has their own back-story. The only thing is that it doesn’t go into any depth and the characters seem one dimensional.

    Progressing through the game doesn’t really tell you much about the story, like how the virus got on the island. The missions rarely give you insight to the bigger picture. The lack of a good story makes the game more or less just a massive melee fest.


  7. Delay in Original Release
  8. The game was announced back in 2006. Due to some complications it was put on hold, until recently. If you’ve heard of the game then I’m sure you’ve seen the controversial trailer from earlier this year. Due to the very sad nature of the video, it was very viral and was a major step in announcing the games revival. Although it was a great promotional trailer it didn’t showcase any of the games story or gameplay.


Dead Island was a game with so much potential. I’m sad to say that this is not the zombie game that I was hoping for. It has the basics but it feels rushed. Hopefully they will be able to fix a majority of the bugs soon, but the gameplay and story is something that will never be fixed. They should have spent more time on the game.
So what are your thoughts? Are you still planning on buying the game or is this a pass for you? For me this feels like a missed opportunity.
I did a follow up on this post titled, 4 Ways to Substantially Improve Dead Island, where I specifically list ways that Dead Island can be improved.



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  • Thomas Ryan

    I had it on pre-order.
    Now I don’t.

  • roby

    i will still buy it, but much later, when the game is cheap :)

    • Nigel

      Good idea. :)

  • Toronto

    Just a quick one – name 20 quests that aren’t repeating themselves.

    I argue that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a game which features such an amount of quests without repeating the basic construct of the quest. There isn’t much more to do than
    1. Kill enemies, recover something, return said something
    2. Go to someplace to speak to someone
    3. A mixture of both (Kill enemies to speak to someone who might give you something to progess/to return)

    It is all about the presentation of said quests, but at the end of the day every RPG-Games is repeating itself over and over again.
    So what would you bring in?

    • Nigel

      I see what you mean with quests that follow the same formula, but they could of come up with a lot more variety.
      As for your question, I actually made a post of what I would bring into the game. You can check it out here.

  • Thomas

    I’ve grown to love the combat in DI, as soon as you reach the city it gets a bit more nuanced than “hit zombie, curbstomp, repeat”. Especially if you play Logan with focus on throwing it’s more about crowdcontrolling and positioning because you cannot beat five aggresive zombies simultaneously in melee (unless you’re Sam B with a maul but whatever). Crafting weapons, figuring out tactics for the minibosses etc is all all the actual fun the game has to offer. If you don’t like the combat at all you won’t like the game since yeah, the story and quests are kinda bland. You do them for quick exp and little else.