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4 Things Microsoft Needs to Change in order to Appeal to Gamers

4 Things Microsoft Needs to Change in order to Appeal to Gamers
We just want a device that we can play games on, why is Microsoft making this so difficult?
The newest console from Microsoft, the Xbox One has more than its fair share of restrictions and policies that don’t seem in favor of the gamer. Sony seized this moment and has shown just how dedicated the PS4 is as a gaming device. Here are 4 things Microsoft needs to change in order to appeal to gamers.

  1. Drop required Kinect
  2. One of the biggest annoyances that I believe many gamers have with the Xbox One is the required Kinect. When the Kinect originally released for the Xbox 360 it was a neat gadget but many gamers didn’t want to use it. They’re promoting something that wasn’t the reason why gamers bought the system in the first place.
    Xbox One Kinect
    It also ends up making the system more expensive (it’s $100 more than the PS4). And don’t forget that the Kinect is always-on. Microsoft should keep it as an add-on device and nothing more.

  3. Relax their Used Games policy
  4. It’s simple; Microsoft should allow used games to be easily transferable. At E3 Sony bashed on many of the things that Microsoft is doing to annoy gamers, and bashing Microsoft’s policy on used games turned out to be a huge success.
    YouTube Preview Image
    Sony made a simple video (see above) to demonstrate how to lend used games to your friends. They summed it up in one easy step, obviously this being a huge bash at Microsoft’s used games policy.

  5. Get rid of their Online Policy
  6. Again Microsoft is restricting their own console. In order to play any game you have to “check-in” online once every 24 hours, even if it’s a single player game.
    It just seems ridiculous that something like this would be a part of the system. It’s not like everyone in the world has a strong internet connection, those people are left out. Also if your internet goes out during a storm you wouldn’t be able to play on your console.

  7. Stop the “All-in-one” Entertainment Push
  8. I can see why Microsoft is trying to push the Xbox One as an “all-in-one” device. They’re trying to show how many things it can do, which is cool but gamers bought the Xbox 360 for one reason, the games.
    Xbox One All in One
    Microsoft needs to focus on showing the Xbox One as a great gaming device with exclusive games.



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  • same as me but not me

    I agree.
    it’s either a PS4 or a £350 GPU for my computer.

  • Ala

    in short… xbox sucks!! Ever since Microsoft entered gaming market in 2000, they destroyed gaming and turned it into a buisness!!!! Xbox 360 also sucked but many stupid US bought it cuz they were proud to use US products!! No wonder how many times they changed their console cuz of RROD… And now many of their Hard earned achievements will go useless once they shift to PS4 and knowing that Microsoft only meant taking from gamers pocket money!!!

  • Cody Thornton

    xbox has showcased great games and great gaming abilities and has invested heavily in games. it has also shown its a machine capable of much more.

  • Mau

    Those are good reasons. Maybe they could offer a new cheaper sku (without kinect or subsidized). Now, you forgot to mention good quality communication skills lol