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4 Things Every Gamer Should Do in Skyrim

Skyrim is the one of the most engaging and in-depth games released this year. It has a grand open-world and a whole varying set of enemies. The huge amount of quests and seemingly limitless amounts of items make every game experience different. Everything in the game fits together perfectly like a well-oiled machine. With such a mammoth game you may not know where to start. Here are 4 Things Every Gamer Should Do in Skyrim.

  1. Explore Till You Die
  2. Skyrim is a very large gameworld. There is so much jam-packed in it that it would be a shame if you didn’t see it all. Now I know this may seem like sort of a no-brainer but hear me out.
    You may go out and explore and you may find some interesting settlement or dungeon. That’s great, but what usually happens is that you only end up doing that one dungeon before returning to another quest or some other distraction. You end up not exploring and trying new things, instead you stick to what you think is safe.
    I went off and tried this method in my own game. It was at the very beginning and as such my character wasn’t very strong, although I think this actually made the experience better. I was on my way; I decided to head for the mountains.
    On my ascent I found that I became blocked along my path as the mountain was too steep. I started side-tracking on the mountain. After a few minutes I came across an opening. From where I was standing I could see a humanoid like figure just standing there, totally unaware of my presence.

    I had a great vantage point of my victim so I decided to take out my wimpy long-bow and take a shot. Well let’s just say it barely made a dent. As my victim-turned-predator rushed towards me I soon found out that it was a giant. I thought I would take a swing at the giant and try to take it down, but that failed as well. It was time to make a run for it. As I turned around I was met by another giant, apparently I had walked into a whole nest of them, and he took one big swoop at me and killed my character.
    It was a great experience just to go out into the massive game world and explore new areas. I had no idea that I was going to run into a group of giants halfway up a mountain, and that’s what makes the experience. It’s unexpected and thrilling. I may not have found anything valuable from that adventure but it’s more than likely that the giants were guarding something valuable, and as soon as I reach a high enough level I’ll be returning to claim my prize!
    This is why I urge that you explore till you die. It allows you to get out there and explore as much as you can and really experience the vast amount of things Skyrim has to offer; you never know what you are going to find.

  3. Join a Guild
  4. In Skyrim there are several guilds you can join. They range from flat-out murdering people to being the ultimate mage.
    Being part of a guild is a whole experience in itself. It is being part of a group and part of something larger than yourself. If you limit yourself from guilds completely you’re missing out on a great part of the game.

    There are many perks, bonuses, quests, and just cool events that come from being part of a guild. Even just trying to get into a guild is an adventure, although some are much easier to get into than others.
    Guilds really take the game to the next level. If you join a guild that you like it only emphasizes the use of those skills and abilities associated with the guild. Find a guild you like and join it, it will only enhance your experience with the game.

  5. Get Married
  6. A new and slightly odd feature introduced to the Elder Scrolls series. There are some benefits and it certainly is a new interesting feature in the game, it’s worth checking out.
    In order to get married you need the Amulet of Mara. It’s relatively cheap (200 gold), although it can also be found and gotten as part of a quest. Once you do get married your spouse may decide to open a shop, to keep busy while you are away. This is where the “real” benefits come in.
    Once a day you can get a percentage of the profits from the shop and get a homemade meal made from your spouse, which increases the regeneration of health, magicka, and stamina. There’s also an increase to the rate at which you learn skills for a time, if you sleep in the same bed with your spouse. It certainly is a different feature although it does play off with some benefits.

  7. Become Infected
  8. If you didn’t know there are diseases in the game that your character can actually catch. Two of these have drastic changes to your character. One of them turns you into a vampire and one of them allows you to turn into a werewolf. There are the obvious down-sides to these, like constantly losing health while in the sun as a vampire. Thought if played right it can actually benefit your character.

    First off you can’t be both a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. It would be awesome to be some sort of crazy vampire deranged werewolf, but sadly you can’t. Some of the benefits for the vampire include increased stats, but if you’re past day 4 of the infection everyone friendly or not will attack you on sight.
    The werewolf on the other hand has a lot more perks and I think is the better choice. Once a day you can transform into a werewolf for a few minutes. While in this form you’re basically unstoppable. You’re stronger, move faster, and don’t take any consequences for your crimes (unless of course someone sees you transform into a werewolf). If you have the werewolf “disease” you’re also stronger in your normal form. I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least try these out and see if they benefit your character and fit with your gameplay style.

Those are some of the greatest and most interesting things every gamer should do in Skyrim. They enhance the experience of the game, and really get you into the game world of Skryim.
Have any interesting experiences where you went off and explored an unknown area in the game? Know of any other things every gamer should do in Skyrim? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Silver

    Well, I stole a lot on my original game. And I mean, a lot. I got caught a few times, and payed for it to the guards, but then the Hired Thugs got me. I was only Level 1, and I would have to level up to kill them, so I ran. I got a carriage, and ran to many places. They found me every time. Then I went away up in the mountains, then fell to my death. So, I had to make a new file. I just couldn’t kill them, they were too quick.

  • Silver

    Oh, did I mention the Hired Thugs attack you on sight? And the guards don’t do NADA to stop ‘em

  • Wolf

    Being a werewolf is beast!! Do you know where I can find this ring thing to be able to change more than once a day?

  • Server250

    I found the dark brotherhood door and I was terrified ask found it before I joined. Then when I joined and saw a spider I had to help my new friends! When it was dead, instead of thanking me, paying me, giving me their soul, etc. they killed me. Quite fun actually.

  • Server250

    I also encountered the hired thugs. If you still have the save file with them, go to school of magic, learn things there. Then search the thugs as u kill them. Find who paid the contract, and pop in to say hello… I’m not a petty thief, I’m a criminal master mind! (maniacal laugh)

  • gold

    lol i love skyrim! ok so i was walking out of whiterun and a dragon was killing sum gaurds!XD so this would be my 2nd dragon encounter! so i used my magic (fireball and frostbite) to kill it! so i took its soul etc. so i went walking further for sum quest i cant remember when i saw a lone giant walking up a hill! i felt daring (and stupid) so i saved my game and shot it with my imperial bow. it started running at me so i got my magic out and was backing up. frostbite was slowing it down and fireball(i think its called that) was burning him (i have a high magicka bar being a mage) so i kept it coming. and i ran out of magicka and ran for it (lol) and when he about hit me my magicka came back and i killed him! never thought it wold happen! i searched him and found a huge broadsword sum gold a mamoth`s tusk and a giant`s toe XD! weird right? well even weirder i ate it! it was an ingredient so why not! oh p.s. im gonna be a vampire and i am a high level conjurer! ok bye!

  • Han

    Accidentally I stole a blacksmith’s tong, but I swear I give it back rightaway. But, then some thugs after me. I even just level 5, and they tried to kill me just because a tong! And then I ran to the guards, but they even made me more upset, the guards ran away and says “I’m out of here!” then they hiding. Oh fuc**ng guards milk drinker!!

  • my dude


  • Dan

    I saw the ghost of a headless horseman once