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4 Things Every Gamer Should Do In Halo 5

4 Things Every Gamer Should Do In Halo 5
Halo 5 is the latest game in the Halo series. It has some new refreshing gameplay along with the core mechanics that make it fun. Here are 4 things every gamer should do in Halo 5.

  1. Get Into Warzone
  2. Warzone is a new multiplayer game type in Halo 5. There are two teams with 12 players on each team. It’s a large scale battle with three capture points that are fought over. When a capture point is taken your team gets NPC units that fight for you team. It’s a pretty fun and refreshing game type for the Halo series.

  3. Earn Requisition Packs
  4. Also new to multiplayer is the requisition system. By competing in multiplayer you earn requisition points. With requisition points you can unlock upgrades for your appearance or gameplay bonuses.
    Some of these upgrades include armors, helmets, visors, weapons, weapon skins, and custom animations. There are also some unlockable items that are unlimited-use items. Requisition items that you don’t want can be sold.

  5. Play Co-op
  6. Playing games co-op is always fun. In the campaign there is always a team of Spartan squad members supporting the main character. Unfortunately you cannot play co-op locally but only over Xbox live. Each playable squad member has their own loadout and special abilities. Some of these abilities include faster health regeneration, faster movement, and faster shield regeneration.

  7. Beat Legendary Mode
  8. If you’re going to beat the campaign you might as well beat legendary mode. Of course for beating this you get bragging rights.

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One more thing to look forward to with Halo 5 is that the forge mode will be released this December. It’s going to have 1,600 objects to customize maps with and other new editing features such as multi-selection, new object types, and improved control.


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