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4 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Move to the Online Games Platform

Microsoft should ditch consoles, they’re in the past. I’ve said it several times before that we don’t need a new console. With the resources and amount of time it takes to create an online game versus that of a console game it isn’t worth it. It would be more economical for Microsoft to switch solely to focusing on making games for the computer and for the cloud.

  1. Cost
  2. If you didn’t know it costs thousands to millions of dollars to develop a console game. Whereas it costs practically nothing to develop a game for PC. You could say that consoles set the bar for decent quality games, but if you take a deep look into the Xbox 360 library you can find some pretty bad and glitchy games.
    For an example of how Microsoft could take this to the online market, take a look at steam. It really would be that simple and easy for them to set up. Think about it with no physical game or console product, Microsoft wouldn’t have to pay for production, storage, or shipping costs. It would be a huge money saver for the company.
    You could make the argument that the Xbox 360 has the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it is still very limiting in giving the developers tools to succeed. It costs $10,000 just for an update through the service. You can find loads of stories of Microsoft letting down newly published games on the service (for example when Super Meat Boy launched).

  3. Larger Customer Base
  4. With a video game console your customer base is limited. The customer has to own the console in order to buy and play any of your games. With approximately 90% of the worlds’ computers being PC, why doesn’t Microsoft tailor to that audience?

    In order for Microsoft to push games on the PC they would have to take away customers from their console. If you could play all the new games released on your already owned computer then you wouldn’t need to buy a console. And don’t even try to bring up that consoles are cheaper than computers, do some research they’re not.

  5. Doesn’t Set Back Video Games By Several Years
  6. Releasing a new console limits the graphical and technical capabilities of video games. Unlike computers, consoles cannot be upgraded until the next generation is released.

    That means video games are locked into whatever the technical capabilities of the current system are. This could limit the capabilities , mechanics, and advancements of video games by several years.

  7. More Developers to Publish and Support
  8. There isn’t a lot of reward without risk. And many people can’t take that risk if the level of entry is thousands of dollars. If Microsoft were to not have a next generation console it would mean that they could focus on publishing games on computers and online (where Microsoft makes most of its money anyway).

    Even Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, are publishing indie games.

    If Microsoft were to solely publish games on devices where practically any developer could make a game for it, that would allow for a lot more flexibility in spending less money to publish new game ideas.
    Instead of dropping a couple million on another call of duty why not spread out that money on say over tens to hundreds of different game ideas. If you publish 100 games for the cost of 1 that actually would decrease your risk, because there’s more chance for games to succeed.


Developing and releasing a new console waists a large amount of resources. Microsoft could do so much more if they left the console battle and went digital.



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  • starship

    That would be awesome if Microsoft started supporting more indie games!

  • MedalofConnor

    Yeah if Microsoft started competing with steam, I don’t know what would happen..

    • ZombieButcher

      We would end up with more games ;)