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4 Reasons Sequels Won’t Sell Well Next-Gen

4 Reasons Sequels Won’t Sell Well Next-Gen
Recently there have been several disappointing sequels that have killed game series entirely. Games this gen are starting to run dry. Next-Gen consoles are on the edge of reality and it’s time for some new series to win gamers’ hearts.

  1. Games are Getting Repetitive
  2. This is certainly opinionated but games in certain genres are starting to get repetitive. That’s not to say that there isn’t innovation but I just don’t see enough of it. For example take the first person shooter genre.
    Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
    I’ve been a fan of the fps genre for a long time and still do enjoy them every once and a while. After the sixth or so Call of Duty I feel that there could be more elements on the playing field. I would definitely like to see more innovation in genres all across the board next-gen.

  3. Many Game Series Have Died This-Gen
  4. One of the most disappointing recent sequels is Dead Space 3. It took out everything that made Dead Space scary. Due to poor sales Dead Space 3 killed the series. Other disappointing games include Metroid: Other M and Dragon Age 2.

    Dead Space 3 Co-op

    Dead Space 3


  5. Indie Devs are Being Embraced
  6. For Next-Gen consoles indie developers are being embraced. Well at least they’re being embraced by Sony. Innovation will be a prominent factor in the success of indie games.
    PS4 Hearts Indie Devs
    It will be interesting to see how well indie games are actually promoted on the PS4. I think gamers will enjoy a new pool of games to play.

  7. We’re Ready For New Hero’s
  8. The Next-Gen is close to being a reality. It’s been a long time since this gen consoles were released. We want new stories and new hero’s, we want the next big thing that’s going to blow us away and amaze us.

    Quantum Break

    Quantum Break


Now obviously there will be some sequels that will do well and that gamers still want. The point I’m trying to get across is that console games need to innovate if they want to keep gamers interested. Why should I buy a video game console when I can just get a PC? We need new stories and new series and I think Next-Gen consoles provide the perfect opportunity for a new influx of great games.


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  • Dakan45

    I think the biggest problem is how lazy and money burning the industry has become.

    its no longer about making games or sequels, its about turning games into a sludge of identical casual games to get maximized sales and appear to a larger audience with a low life span that will drive repeated purchases.

    They dont care about making good games.They care about the publisher putting 100 million in a game and expect around 5-10 millin sales.

    Sadly games seem to miss even the 3 million sles mark so this “appeal to a larger audience” doesnt seem to work for them.

    It sems games become more samey and less “games” as the time passes as if games turn into interactive movies. Games focus on graphics story and characters rather gameplay.

    I hope thats not what next gen will be focused.

    You say Division developer saying “all games in E3 were techdemos, i would like to see more focus on the narrative side”

    When did game become interactive movies? Where is the gameplay?

    Also there is drm in disquise, titanfall, destiny, division,the crew, all are online only games no offline mode.

    • Nigel_GN

      Exactly, gameplay should be a main factor, thanks for your input.