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4 Major Changes Coming to Dead Space 3

4 Major Changes Coming to Dead Space 3
The Dead Space Series has been known for its scary gameplay. With plenty of jump scares and a perfect tone of atmosphere, one has to wonder why major changes are coming to the series. Let’s take a look at 4 Major Changes Coming to Dead Space 3.

  1. Co-op Focus
  2. The Dead Space games have always been a solo experience. Most would say that it is scary this way. In Dead Space 3 there is the introduction and even a focus on co-op gameplay.
    Dead Space 3 Co-op
    It’s certainly adding something different to the series, but I’m not sure it’s what fans really wanted for the series. It’s been said that even if you play single player the co-op companion will still make appearances at times controlled as an AI, which can alter the immersion experience.

  3. Planet Environment
  4. Dead Space 3 Snow
    Exploring through an overtaken spaceship is just so much cooler than being on another random planet. The spaceship setting fits the horror genre very well. In Dead Space 2 you show up and have to figure out what happened, like most horror games and movies.
    Instead Dead Space 3 is in an open environment. Even though the planet does look like some sort of snowy wasteland, that setting has been used a lot in games.

  5. Weapon Crafting
  6. Now one of the more interesting new changes to the Dead Space Series is the introduction of weapon crafting. This lets you build and modify a gun out of parts that you find.
    Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting
    This certainly is a nice feature to the game that lets you decide how you will tackle challenges. You can check out a list of some examples of cool weapons that you can make in Dead Space 3 over at IGN.

  7. Human Enemies
  8. Along with the horrid and creepy Necromorph threat, there’s the addition of human enemies.
    Dead Space 3 Human Enemies
    Again I’m not sure why human enemies would be added in Dead Space 3, when there are so many possibilities for other types of Necromorph or even an entirely new race of enemies. Adding traditional humans as a new enemy does not fit the Dead Space series.


The Dead Space Series has always been about scary gameplay and a scary atmosphere to match. Dead Space 3 looks to bring new changes to try to spice up that gameplay. We will just have to see if the Dead Space 3 keeps up with the other games of the series.



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  • Disapointing Space

    Didn’t think much tot he demo at all…certainly won’t purchase this on launch. Every one of these changes is a negative for me. Not interested in coop at all. I liked the confines and claustrophobic atmosphere of ships as opposed to land. Now they are using fog to limit distance and try and bring in anxiety. God – Silent Hill did that 10 years ago. Weapon crafting is boring and I don’t want to shoot at humans. The demo showed me that the control are not sharp enough and the gunplay not fun enough fort his to that enjoyable. What a shame. I did like Dead Space.

    • Faith in space

      God – Silent Hill did that 10 years ago. Well guess what? Dead Space 1 and 2 did those confined and claustrophobic environments two times in a row in past 4 years… So it might be a time to try something new, even though Dead Space 3 will feature also those tight corridors you seem to miss. And after beating Dead Space 1 and 2 dozens of times, some of the playthroughs just recently, I can assure that the controls are at least as sharp as in the previous two games. And if you didn’t know the co-op is optional. You can still play the whole game alone with plasma cutter or with some other weapon you like from the first installment so weapon bench is also optional in case you don’t like it. And for what comes to those soldiers you don’t care much to shoot at, Visceral has stated that those encounters with Unitologist soldiers are rather scarce but bring in some nice change of pace. Which I also agree. I could say that don’t judge the game only by playing the demo because there is so much more in this game than only the 20 minutes long demo lets you think. But I won’t say that, after all usually people play demos to find out whether or not they like the game. So these are just my observations for you in hope you don’t lose your faith just yet.