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4 Crucial Aspects All Next-Gen Games Need to Have

4 Crucial Aspects All Next-Gen Games Need to Have
We’ve been gaming on current-gen consoles for a long time, it’s time for an update. With new features and better hardware coming with next-gen consoles, what should we expect of next-gen games? Here are 4 crucial aspects we think all next-gen games need to have.

  1. Better Graphics
    Next-Gen Graphics
    The hardware on next-gen consoles will allow developers to take 3D graphics to a whole new level. You may think the graphics on your Xbox or PS3 look pretty good but compared to PC games they’re falling behind. The next-gen of consoles will allow for an overall increase in the “standard of graphics” in games.

  3. Unique Gameplay
  4. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of games have become “saturated”. This has happened with sequels to games and in specific game genres. Some examples of this are Dead Space 3 and First Person Shooters.
    The Call of Duty series has been a successful fps and has laid the groundwork for multiplayer shooters, but it gets repetitive. I know the Call of Duty series has tried different game modes to try to change things up, but I think it needs to go a step further.

    PS3 indie game

    PS3 indie game

    My point is that there needs to be more variation in next-gen games. A great way to bring unique gameplay to next-gen consoles is with indie games. Sony has done a lot recently in supporting indie games for their consoles. I think that is definitely the direction all next-gen consoles should be going.

  5. DRM Free
  6. There’s been a lot of problems with DRM/always-online games. For example Diablo 3 and SimCity, where players had to have an internet connection to play a single-player game. It’s gotten ridiculous in some games. There has already been a sort of movement to DRM Free games. This is definitely something that gamers care about and something that next-gen publishers should strongly consider.

  7. Interesting Characters
  8. I think this is one of the most important parts of a game. It’s crucial that the protagonist (and antagonist for that matter) is interesting and believable.



    We don’t want some bland and boring character that always says the same two lines, we want humorous and intriguing characters that have meaning to what they do. Having interesting characters can make or break a game.

It’s exciting that a new generation of games and consoles are coming soon. There’s bound to be plenty of new features, but I think there’s a lot that gamers are expecting from next-gen games. Do you think next-gen games will deliver on these aspects?



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    big maps none of those small corridors, 8gb damn it use em.