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4 Claims the Wii U can make that the Xbox 720 and PS4 can’t

4 Claims the Wii U can make that the Xbox 720 and PS4 can’t
There’s been a lot of talk that the new Xbox 720 and PS4 are going to take this generation of consoles by storm. The Wii U may not be blowing gamers away, but it can still hold its own. Here are 4 claims that the Wii U can make that the Xbox 720 and PS4 can’t.

  1. First
  2. Obviously one of the bigger claims is that the Wii U was released first. It released in November 2012 while the PS4 and Xbox 720 haven’t been released yet.
    Wii U
    Even with this head start and estimated sales of 3.45 million units already, will it be enough to stay on top when the Xbox 720 and PS4 release?

  3. Backwards compatibility
  4. There’s been many rumors that the PS4 and the Xbox 720 will not be backwards compatible with older games. This is due to the differences in hardware from older systems. While the Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games (and even Wii controllers on that matter).
    Epic Link

  5. Non-annoying Share Button
  6. There’s one thing that is particularly annoying with the PS4 controller, that is the share button. Having it as a physical button on a controller is worrisome. I don’t want to be bothered with a share button, I just want to play games.
    PS4 Share Button
    Anyways this is one thing the Wii U does not have that I’m glad they didn’t integrate.

  7. Retro Games
  8. Nintendo has been making consoles for much longer than Microsoft and Sony have. The Wii U Virtual Console allows you to buy these great classics right on the system. This retro library of games is something that Sony and Microsoft do not have.

    Super Mario World

    Super Mario World


Even though the Wii U does have some benefits over the Xbox 720 and PS4 the Wii U has some clear weaknesses at this time. The Wii U is currently lacking on some of its key 1st party titles, it needs to start releasing those great titles soon in order to stay on top in the coming years.


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  • somh

    ah come on. the share botton is not somthing to be happy about not on the wii u. and sony have a huge list of retrogames. from ps1+ps2, to arcade and old segagames

  • Christian Dixon

    1.) Will it maintain it’s lead? The answer there is a resounding NO. I’m guessing the MS and Sony will sell that many consoles within the first 3 months of their respective consoles life.

    2.) Microsoft hasn’t said anything about backwards compatibility, and Sony IS providing backwards compatibility, just not in a traditional sense.

    3,) The share buttons mere presence literally causes you annoyance? It is just a button, y’know. You don’t have to actually PUSH it. That makes it’s use OPTIONAL. And by the way, you can take screenshots and share them on the WiiU through the MiiVerse app. So the WiiU kinda DOES have a share function as well, does that annoy you?

    4.) As of now we don’t know what’s going to be available for the Xbox and PS4 when it comes to retro gaming so this isn’t even an educated claim.

    • lhernandez


      1) I agree, it wont.

      2) Sony offers backwards compatibility, buuut, you have to BUY them again.

      3) I dont know about this one, but still, the PS4 is more like a social thing.

      4) Sony didnt say anything at their conference, so it is likely that it wont have something like that.

  • Snowbau5

    Backward’s compatibility will be done by cloud/stream service. Share button annoying, what? It’s an amazing idea, I can post a video, take a picture, stream and share it to anyone in the world. I can play any Retro console on my PC for FREE! Not to mention I can upscale all Nintendo games to 1080p. I can already play Super Mario Galaxy 2 in HD at 1080p graphics.

  • OverDrivve

    none of those are reasons to get excited.
    -First? who cares, industry evolving capabilities of the other systems take time to R&D
    -Backwards compatibility? consumers buy new consoles for new games, the capabilities of your old consoles don’t change once you get a new one
    -Share button? c’mon, no one will be forced to use it. That’s like going to a supermarket and complaining that they sell a product you don’t want to buy.
    -Retro games? this is the same complaint as backwards compatibility. not a big deal in the industry these days.

    Terrible journalism

    • Miles

      Heres one realistic claim for you. The Wii U will have games from many diiferent genres(most impotantly GOOD ONES). This is something that Sony (lately) and Microsoft are really bad at. Ever get sick of shooters, well Nintendo will have platformers, action adventures, racing games, shooters, and fighting games. Sony and Microsoft only had a couple good games that werent in the shooter genre last gen(Journey, Tales of Vesperia, and Tales of Xillia) the rest were lackluster at best.

      • Michael Munnett

        First off miles that is your opinions which i know everyone is entitled to have their own opinions but isn’t my own opinions on good games!

        Secondly i personally find the ratchet & clank series,uncharted series,infamous series,little big planet series be great series on PS3!

        Lastly if you don’t like the other two consoles that’s your choice but never the less people are gonna like what they wanna like period so it’s a waste of time bashing other platforms.

        Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

  • Christopher Adcock

    1. Being first isn’t equal to being better.
    2. Backwards compatibility is nice, but they should focus on getting new, better software.
    3. So, they should brag about NOT having an extra feature? Hmm…
    4. See #2.

  • Kamille

    dude, PS1 came out in 1994… If that’s not retro then I don’t know what the word actually means.

    • Miles

      If the Wii U was 16 years behind the current generation than it would be a N64 or even worse, a Playstation(ugh).


    Wow this aricle is STUPID! first ok…and… its not like Nintendo took advantage of a year head start like M$ did last gen. BC is great but comes at a cost M$ is rumored to have it be native like the WiiU and Sony cannot afford to have the the parts to support the CELL chip. ITs also an overrated feature. DID ANYONE EVER SAY YOU HAD TO PRESS THE SHARE BUTTON?! NO!!! and why you find it annoying is BEYOND ME! Its a great feature that you have the option to use.Retro games…. are you kidding me… the WiiU just or is going to be getting Retro games PS3 has been doing classics for ages just like the Wii and hte classics are tied to your account NOT your console as with nintendo consoles. The PS4 WILL have classics as it makes them a significant amount of money. This is an excuse for an article and the writer should be ashamed.

  • hakesterman

    You can take those Retro games and stick them right up your Candy (*&*((&(&. As for being out first, that means nothing if you don’t have any games to play. The Wii U would have a share button but it’s 16 years behind current technology.

  • Abe Oddysee

    Chi ha scritto l’articolo è un vero coglione che non capisce un caxxo.

  • lt.dan

    You know, when they added in those select buttons, I got a little nervous. I don’t wanna look at extra info, I JUST WANNA PLAY GAMES!

  • Axe99

    lol at that share button reason. Probably should have just run with four reasons, that one’s just plain silly (I don’t use all my buttons on my TV remote, that doesn’t make it a bad remote ;)). In fact, I rarely used all the buttons on that wacky Gamecube controller, and avoid the d-pad on the 360 controller like the plague, and they still work just fine :).

  • Tachi

    No retro games? obviously the author hasn’t seen the neogeo games on playstation store…

  • generic-user-name

    I hope nobody got paid to write this muck.

  • Brian

    It would be hard for the Wii U to have the share button feature. Recording video would fill up the tiny hard drive.

  • Hiya_tiger

    Oh please, Sony has neo geo games, and genesis games.. even mega drive games on the playstation store.. don’t tell me about retro., and the share button, use it if you want it’s not gonna kill you.. backwards compatiblity you say? Sony says they are working on prototypes with Gaikai on playing PS1, PS2 and PS3 games via the cloud.. as for head starts.. game cube came first. PS2 raped that..

    • T.E Starkey

      I think you mean Dreamcast came before ps2, and the PlayStation raped that. GameCube and Xbox came out after PS2

  • Truthbot

    Get a real job. You Nintendo apologists will just ensure Nintendo will always suck.